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E-wallet, Loyalty Program, CRM and complete Marketing software
for E-commerce, Restaurants, Retails and SMEs.

Know your Customers

Reward your customers

Engage Your Customers


It's always important to collect customer data and analyse their buying behaviour to retain them.

Bingage automates this process and provides easy and
effective ways to engage the right customer with right campaign.

  • Connect
  • Listen
  • Engage

Know our platform

Loyalty Wallet

There are so many loyalty programs exist today, but surprisingly they don’t provide any customer engagement. Bingage is replacing traditional loyalty programs by a revolutionary loyalty wallet.

  • Easy tracking of instant wallet.
  • No need to carry multiple loyalty cards.
  • Simple analytics to track best reward.

Actionable Feedback

“It’s important to listen to your customer, asking for feedback will help you understand customer's preferences and improve your services.”

  • Move over diaries and ask for feedback digitally.
  • Instant alert by SMS / Notifications.
  • Analyse data to Enhance Customer Satisfaction.

Automate Marketing

“Engage your target audience by sending them relevant messages / deals or just delight them on their special days like anniversaries, birthdays etc.”

  • Easy promotions by built in campaigns.
  • Use existing database to start campaign.
  • Campaign calendar for all your promotion needs.
  • Automated and personalised campaigns.

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