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3 Hard truths you need to know as a restaurateur

When it comes to management of a food business many people just fail to understand the term properly. We listen about other successful managers of a restaurant and we might have a thought that it was just easy or maybe you thought that you could do a better job. Restaurant marketing solution and strategies play a vital role behind this. here is you can convert your customer into your fans.

See there is nothing happen suddenly or magically, there is something important Manager of f&b industries needs to know which is a little bit hard but true.

It doesn’t really matter how a person arrived at this position nor does the training he probably receives. What important is how you take yourself from being just a “manager to the being a supportive leader

No doubt, there are many people who truly are leaders. Probably, you will hear a lot of times by many managers saying that they are good leaders. People not born as a leader but their actions to speak for them.

Following are the main reason if you are failing to lead in the market:

1. Fail to communicate with the staff properly

Tell me first thing, on the scale of 1-10, how much you would give to your communication skills with your team? So to know your skills clearly just ask your team, to be honest, might be they would give you 4 out of 10. Communication skill is important and lacking in communication skill separate managers from leaders. One has to know how to onboard employees in the restaurant.

How one talk to other people is a habit and if you have a bad habit to talk than it might spoil your professional life. If you talk in a bad way to people in your personal life then certainly you will talk in the same way with your team too. Bad communication habits lead to bad restaurant management. Many people have a habit to play a good game just like they act one way in front of certain people. It is a poor skill that stops a person from becoming a good team manager


2. When you’re a Hypocrite or fake

“Do as I say, not as I do” in another word, Most of the managers instructed to their team not to do a particular thing but later they too perform the same action. See when your words and actions are mismatches then you create confusion within your team. We all know that trust is an essential part of every tea

m and a good leader must know how to build trust within the team.

Just for an example, if you say that learning is a key to success so how many inspirations or learning books have you read last time? Or if you saying that human resources are your most valuable asset for a business so do you treat your works with respect?


Be stuck on what you are saying to other, just make sure you are also running in the same way otherwise no one will listen to you carefully. The path to becoming a good leader starts with being consistent with your words and actions.


If you are caring about task only, not on your peoples

Running a restaurant is loaded with puzzle and to manage it a manager and his team need to come all together to create an outstanding restaurant. Traditional restaurant managers have a habit to review their checklist and not the people. Due to lots of burdens, a manager could not pay attention to their workers but they forget that they want to be appreciated too. It is one of our greatest human needs is the need to feel appreciated. A real leader very well knows how to give happiness to their employee.

So how can a manager become a good leader?

A manager fulfils his task of management based on past skills, hard work, and character. If they desire to convert into a true leader, they will have to leave behind some bad habits. All they need to open their mind to learning. Say welcome to new change. They will have to accept personal accountability for everything they do. A food business can succeed if the workers or staff members are giving their full efforts in success.


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