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How CRM can turn your New Customers into your Lifetime Fans

This is an era of technology, if you avoid changes then nothing can work. You should adopt some time-saving features such as automated customer segmentation, scheduling SMS, loyalty programs etc, a powerful CRM can help you with this, your marketing tools & CRM should capable to delight your customers with special messaging, programs, offers or events.

The human mind has some limitations, if you are still using old techniques to collect & manage customer data and doing everything manually then you have to bring some changes in your way of working.  A CRM software for Restaurant enables recording customer data, analysing their behaviour based on that data so that you can target them accordingly.

CRM is a one-stop solution for your problem, Customer retention software can boost your sales by tracking the right customer and targeting them in the right way.  It is a powerful tool that can improve the business of a restaurant by providing all the exciting features which stimulate a better Customer Engagement.

How a Customer Retention Software helps you to bring your customer back to you-

1. Target Potential Customers

It’s not important to target all but to target the right one.  The core value of a CRM is to find out your potential customers to you. Grow your business through better knowledge of your customer and target them in the right way. A CRM allows to treat your customer as an individual, it collects valuable customer data and this type of information helps you with the personalised marketing, like sending them customised offers based on their preferences.

2.Segregation of Customers

Some customers are genuinely more valuable for you than others, right? So identifying the right customer and target them is a tough task in fact identifying is the toughest task I think. CRM makes you able to segment your customers based on their visits, likes, spending capacities, the day of visit etc. that gives an exact result and then you can target them accordingly.

3. Direct to staff to focus on customers

By directing your staff to be focused on loyal customers and create and personal touch can make a crucial change in business. Customer’s information plays an important role in that, all you need to have your customer’s basic information to do the same task.  For example, remembering a customer name can’t possibly manually but CRM can allow you to keep track of all of your customers. Your staff can call by their names like Hello Mr Mayank or Miss Tanisha etc. and you can send them a personalised message by offering some attractive offers based on their most preferable dishes.

4. Referrals derived from loyal customers

Word of mouth still the greatest technique of marketing and refer system is a modernised way to reward your existing user when he or she brings a new customer to you.  A CRM provides you referral system that can be used to boost your customer engagement amazingly. Some of your loyal customers who love you and like your services, you can use them to bring new customers to you by rewarding them attractive vouchers or discount so that they encourage to invite others. This is really a powerful technique.

5. Real-Time Information for Better Decision Making

With the amazing automating features, CRM eliminates your work to record information manually, it automates all the process and enables to gather real-time information so that you can take a better decision on time. An important information is always available on time and then you can take appropriate decisions on time.

6. Online Customer support service

By integrated CRM from your web portal, you can make your customer connect you easily.  Make sure your customer can check order status and put a query online so this will boost customer satisfaction.







So this is all “how a CRM can improve restaurant business” and revenue generation. This is really important for a business owner to engage with the customer and keep them connect all the time, CRM gives numerous benefits to the owner to nurture their business in a positive way.

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