importance of customer retention in restaurants
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The Importance of Customer Retention for a Restaurant

In past years, acquiring new customers, catching their attention & retaining them for the long-term has become more intricate. Now customers have plenty of options. Keep your customers entertained, one needs to adopt innovative customer retention strategies for restaurants to beat the competition. The value of retaining existing customers has never been more visible in the past years. One should…

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Top women restaurant owner in india
Food Industry

Most Inspiring Women Restaurant Owners & Chefs in India

Women have been recognized to cook meals in the kitchens for their families since ancient time But in the kitchens generating business or restaurants usually, have been mostly governed by male restaurateurs & chefs only. There was a time where people consider that women are only for cooking at home that’s all. Now Breaking the stereotype, Women are showing their…

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referral marketing software for restaurants
customer retention software, Food Industry, Tech

How Referral Program can uplift Your Restaurant Revenue?

Do you ever think, why people do not tell about your business to others? Because they don’t have a reason to do the same. Incentives will work better. Word of mouth is still considered an amazing restaurant marketing strategy which surely brings new customers. Unfortunately, we don’t pay attention to giving a fair incentive to those who are giving us…

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CRM Software for Restaurants, Food Industry, Tech

6 Reasons Why CRM Software is Important for Your Restaurant?

This is an era of technology, the more you explore the more you grow. In business, things are changing constantly, competitions increasing day by day. The restaurant industry is full of challenges and complexities. To keep business on the top, you have to think ahead of the crowd. CRM for restaurant is helpful because it can help you to gain…

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Business, CRM Software for Restaurants, customer retention software, Food Industry, Tech

Tips to onboard potential employees in your Restaurant

On-boarding a new employee in a restaurant is a difficult task. An improper hiring process in the restaurant will lead to bad staff, poor management which may cause high cost and bad customer experiences. Generally, wrong onboarding is like putting money into the fire and let them burn. Hiring the right employees in the right place is necessary but it’s…

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challenges for a Restaurant owner
Business, CRM Software for Restaurants, Food Industry, Tech

Planning to Open a Restaurant? 5 Challenges You Will Surely Face

Being a restaurant owner you have to deal with several challenges while running your food venture. Some of these might be common but can impact on business growth and revenue. That is why considering all the points before starting would be beneficial in future. Challenges never end it starts from the first day and remains till the business exist. A…

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qualities of a Restaurant owner
CRM Software for Restaurants, Food Industry, Tech

Top 5 qualities that a restaurant manager must have

Being a restaurant owner, one has numerous roles and responsibilities to manage. A good restaurant manager qualities required to perform the same job with an extrardinary way. In this article, you will come to know about personal qualities for a restaurant manager. For better operation, owner of a food venture has to put some extra efforts to run his business smoothly…

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