reasons why customers don't come back
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We Have Researched 1 Million Zomato Reviews and Found Top Reasons for a Customer Dissatisfaction

Do you ever notice about those customers you have who made a purchase first time but never come back again?? If your answer is no then this article is definitely for you 🙂 Customer retention is important for a restaurant success but how to achieve it? If you want to increase repeat sales…first, you have to know “what are your…

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importance of customer retention in restaurants
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The Importance of Customer Retention for a Restaurant

In past years, acquiring new customers, catching their attention & retaining them for the long-term has become more intricate. Now customers have plenty of options. Keep your customers entertained, one needs to adopt innovative customer retention strategies for restaurants to beat the competition. The value of retaining existing customers has never been more visible in the past years. One should…

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