About Us

Running a restaurant or any food business its not that easy. It’s tough for restaurateurs to manage every aspect of the business such as employees, service, marketing, finance and much more. They aren’t so called tech gurus or superheroes, Right ? They too need to prioritise on tasks to thrive with the competition. And if managing the routine line is such a difficult task, the customer management apparently gets tougher. That’s why we created BINGAGE. We designed BINGAGE with an idea to provide the restaurants with a one stop platform to connect to, retain and grow their customer base in a more personalised way. Our journey started with a restaurant coupon business in 2014. We have worked with more than 300 restaurants including Mc-donalds, Subway, Pizza hut. Our extensive research with these restaurants has helped us create this product, which would make you work more effectively, giving a chance to grow your business rapidly. Now customer management will no more be difficult, with BINGAGE, it would be smarter and better.