About Us

Bingage is a unified reward and Loyalty solution for Retail and e-commerce brands to help them increase customer retention and CLV by making post-purchase customer engagement meaningful for their customers. With its API-First approach, Bingage integrates with POS and E-commerce platforms in one click and is a beautifully designed DIY, easy and intelligent platform which is fully customizable to improve customer engagement, retention, and ROI. Bingage's unified reward and Loyalty platform is no-code and takes only minutes to set up, also it is fully customizable and API-centric, making it ideal for growing businesses. Bingage is an established brand in the retail customer engagement space.We are born to transformed tradition loyalty and reward program and we mean it because we have mastered customer loyalty and reward over the years. We started in 2013 as a Coupon company, called "Bingage Coupons" where we worked with Top notch brands including McDonald's, Subway, Dominos and Later we used our learnings in retail customer engagement space to build a SaaS platform for Loyalty and Reward solution. Bingage Loyalty and Reward is the culmination of everything we learned from working with retail brands over 9 years, now available to everyone. It combines all the data-point to make the reward truly engaging and meaningful with the power of gamification.