7 Mother’s day Restaurant Promotion Ideas for 2019

7 Mother’s day Restaurant Promotion Ideas for 2019

As per the study, 87 million people will dine at a restaurant on this mother’s day. This is the best opportunity for the f&B industry to choose the best mother’s day restaurant promotion ideas in order to grab the customers.

Mother’s day dining statistics –

According to the National Restaurant Association, 47% of moms are saying that having a meal with family is the best gift they want on this day. Another 10% want restaurant loyalty card. (You can run cashback reward program to attract such traffic) So these number representing that there is a huge opportunity for your business to capture new guests, recalling existing customers, and develop your brand reputation.

People who are planning a dinner at a restaurant on Mother’s Day, only 24% go for brunch, while about 50% go for dinner. So plan promotions accordingly.

7 Mother’s Day Promotion Ideas:

To capture mother’s day traffic in your restaurant, you will have to do something unique that can grab the attention of your targeted audience.

1. Arrange a Dance party for Moms

Organise a dance party especially for moms, don’t forget moms who are always ready for night chilling out. Arrangement of a Dance party on mothers day will be the perfect way for restaurant, bars and nightclubs to captivate business on this family-friendly celebration.

Look at the example below – How Arabesque Restaurant is calling traffic on the mother’s day, they are serving dance, music, and terrific food.

mother's day marketing ideas for restaurant

2. Offer them a Second Visit –

Why should the Mother’s Day celebration for one time only? If you are getting high traffic, use this opportunity to make it higher. Give your guest another chance to visit, offer them visit again card with an offer with a limited period. That will derive immediate traffic.

mother's day marketing ideas for restaurant

Similarly, you can offer a customised discount Code or coupons to moms. or Any other discount to boost repeat sales.

3. Offer Free Meal

Offering freebies could be the best idea to grab mom’s attention. You can offer free desserts, a dish or anything which you want. Bella Italia is giving free Fizz for mammas,

They make sure this mother’s day is going to be special for families. Whether you want to take Mom for a light lunch or dinner meal, They are offering a perfect present for you!

mother's day marketing ideas for restaurant

4. Design a Mother’s Day special menu

Make a special menu on the theme of mother’s day. Menu engineering is the most significant part. Sit with your staff and plan some special dishes for a limited time. A short period of time so that you can manage ingredients without disturbing your inventory.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill Italian Restaurant offering a customised menu especially on mother’s day on a specific period of time. That will create buzz and make people book their table immediately.

5.Host an Event, Something like cooking class, or Artistic seminars for Moms

Plan such events should look out of the box.
If you desire to make Mother’s Day more special in your restaurant, think something that is one step further.
Atrium Kitchen is hosting an event, celebrating Mom’s day with a delicious brunch experience! Guests will learn to make savoury & sweet brunch treats delight, everyone!

Something that your guests will build memories in with addition to enjoy a mother’s day special meal.

5. Don’t Keep Moms to Wait!!

Keep this point on the top of the list, Don’t keep your guest waiting for too long” First review all the points – how much space you have, how many people you can serve because customer satisfaction derives customer retention.

You must have seen negative restaurant reviews like “waited almost 50 minutes for a table, the waiter took another 10 minutes to even bring water for us, my mom had to wait a long time..and so on. So to handle, try to reduce waiting time. You can give a pre-booking option for better convenience.

6. Live Music will enhance the Mood

This is an important Mother’s Day dining promotion idea for bars, who may face difficulty to bring traffic on this day because usually, families with small children won’t feel a bar is an appropriate choice for them. So invite live musicians to perform and market your place as a modern choice for a holiday meal. Make moms-friendly atmosphere.

7. Share the love and moments on Social Media

No matter whether you are offering a special on mother’s or not, do not forget to share mother’s day special sayings that will show love for moms. Share creative graphics which reflects your respect for mom and invite them to celebrate this day with family. Target children to make mother’s day special for their moms by advertising as the best mother’s day gift for moms is to go out with her and spend time with her.

mother's day wishes 2019

You can also Run personalised mothers day SMS campaign for your special customers saying…

Hello Mr/miss/mrs…XYZ(name compulsory)

Mother’s day is just around the corner, We are organizing a party with a live music performance by Rock Band.
Please Come with your mom and get 50% off on your bill.
To book your table contact – 751666****

Hope these ideas would work for your restaurant, all of these are a real example of mother’s day ideas. Make this day grand and memorable for your guests and your business too.

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