Customer Loyalty Programs – Ultimate Way to Boost a Restaurant Sales

Customer Loyalty Programs – Ultimate Way to Boost a Restaurant Sales

Do you ever feel that sales and customer engagement at your restaurants backsliding a bit?
Restaurant industries are working harder to derive customer engagement and it’s not easy for everyone. A loyalty program helps in retaining customers as well as new customer acquisition.

It is a challenging part because of demographic changes and different consumer behaviour. People are developing their preferences speedily, thus it’s quite important to opt something uncommon in order to keep your customer engaged.

Restaurant loyalty program is a GameChanger

The cashback rewards program is now in the trend to bring the attention of customers and make them purchase with you. Restaurant loyalty program software helps to target the audience, improve repeat customers and increase business revenue.

“Do you ever purchase a product worth Rs.599 just to get Rs.200 as a Cashback From Paytm? Because Paytm offers 200 cashback every month, Does it ever happen to you? “

That’s the magic of the cashback program, now big brands like Paytm, Goibibo, make my trip are giving cash back. India’s leading E-commerce platform Amazon also introduced the Cashback Bonus program for customers.

paytm cashback program

That’s all because people like getting returns.
If big brands are doing the same then why not Restaurant?

In the year 2019, the reward program is blooming all around. Loyalty programs that offer direct cash back for eating out is a determined way to drive in customers and increase sales. A cashback program for a restaurant should be proficient to derive the engagement of customers as well as easy to implement.

Why one should start a Cashback Program?
A cashback program is a digital cash incentive program where a percentage of the amount spent is paid back to the customer wallet.

1. 81% of customers said that cashback as rewards make them purchase a product with a brand.

2. 73% are more likely to prescribe a brand who has a good cashback program.

3. The business has increased customer retention rate by 10% with a cashback reward program.

4. A cashback loyalty program can boost Restaurants revenue by 25% to 95%.

cashback reward program for restaurant

Isn’t it helpful for you, then why are you waiting for…

Pay attention! Customers spend more when they feel their purchasing with you is worth for money. It stimulates a positive dining experience that customers are looking for with a restaurant and drives them to spend more.

In the year 2018, Competition among restaurants was quite high, and the same will continue in 2019. Personalised Marketing software is new marketing.

Now start giving cashback to Your customers: Easy and hassle-free.

Bingage restaurant loyalty program enables creating E-wallets of your customers and start giving them cashback on every transaction they made at your outlet.

cashback loyalty program for restaurant

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