The Power of Upselling: A Guide to Driving Restaurant Sales and Enhancing Customer Experience

The Power of Upselling: A Guide to Driving Restaurant Sales and Enhancing Customer Experience

No matter how successful is your bar or restaurant, you always have that curiosity to make more money. One of the easiest techniques to do this is through Restaurant Upselling, or making your existing customers repeat customers. Restaurant Upselling is a strongest strategy for restaurants to boost profits. Upselling is much more than sales; it requires knowledge,experience ans smart work. Upselling is more about customer service than sales and effective techniques should be followed to avoid negative feedbacks and annoying behaviour of the customers.

Do you know McDonald’s increased their annual revenue by $28 million with a simple question, “would you like fries with that?” That’s what upselling is about: simple, conversational, and effective!

But the thing is that how you will offer food sales ideas in your restaurant without having any strategy any technique.

In this blog we have covered different techniques that will help you boat your restaurant’s revenue.

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What is Upselling?

Upselling is something that allows customers to purchase a more expensive dish or drink than they originally intended. It’s an effective way to increase restaurant sales and profits, but it’s not always easy.

Upselling in restaurants is the best way to increase profits within your restaurant business. No business owner wants to potentially lose a customer by annoying them with continuous attempts to upsell and for that, you have to train your staff members about every technique to come up with a good results.

However, Restaurants need to upsell their customers as much as they can. Upselling helps promoting loyalty progarm, increase restaurant sales, and enhance word-of-mouth marketing simultaneously.

Importance of Upselling in Restaurants

Upselling is an essential part of restaurant management because it helps increase the average order value of a customer.This technique is especially important during times when your restaurants need to keep their sales up while keeping the sales food process low enough that customers will still come in.

Let’s discuss some benefits of Upselling:

1. Increases Customer Satisfaction

If the coming guest enjoyed their meal, they will definitely come back in future, especially when they had a great experience after trying an upgraded version for their meal.

This is in the hands of restaurant owner how they are presenting things on guest’s table.However, Upselling is the best name to increase customer satisfaction you just have to serve them with upgraded version and greet them beyond there expectations.

2. Personalized Experience

For personalising the guest experience ,there is no other way than upselling in restaurants. It is a chance to create better connections between you and your customers by offering them something special that they might have not expected that time.This offering can create a impressive note on customers mind as they feel extra special a syou took the time and effort to make them feel special.

This can build a special connection between you and your customers as they have that view in their mind that you actually giving your best to serve your customers with good service and not only running your restaurant blindly.

3. Boost revenue and profit

As we are repeatedly mentioning in the blog  that upselling boosts your restaurant’s revenue anad profit..It is a true fact of upselling.This also menas that you’re making good money per table.

It’s a fact that customer will come back to you if they have a good experience along with great deals on the table and more likely they will send on meal at that time and also in future.Also they will recommend their friends and family to visit the place.

Techniques of Upselling in Restaurant

1. Analyse which Menu Items Have High Profit Margins

When upselling you need to suggest your guest the menu items that have the best profit margin so that you can increase your sales by maximum potentials.This means you have an idea and strategy in your mind that which food item have best profit margin and the same way to train your Waitstaff to use the same technique.

2. Offer Extra to Customers

When a customer is ordering a specific item, staff can offer them extra food items that can accompany the meal they have ordered.this is the best way to earn more from the table as customers mostly go with the offers you gave them along with their meal

3. Leverage Technology

As we know, there is nothing without technology and if you’re not using them you are in a great loss.Using advanced technology customize your time, helps you do things with more ease.

Restaurant deals with loads of data daily, such as customer details and ordering preferences. And Technology can help you with this.

Bingage helps restaurants with advanced and user-friendly technologies which help restaurants in the growth and boost their profit.

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4. Be Enthusiastic about the Items you are offering

For upselling in restaurant the server should be very enthusiastic about the items they are suggesting to the guests.If the server sound bored or uninterested with the item he is suggesting the guest will least interested on that item. So train your waitstaff to be quite interested in the items.

5. Know What Items to Upsell at What Times

When your Waitsatff are on teh table of any guest, tehy should be very aware of what items to suggest at what item.They shouls be confident about the items.

For example: If you are suggesting for a dessert on first sit that will not help you because no one orders dessert at the very first rather they will go for starters.

Training your waitstaff with every small and small things on upselling can lead you boost revenue and maximize profit of your restaurant.


Upselling is not a easy business. You have to be very attentive, enthusiastic and work smartly at the same time.You need to approach your customers in a manner it doesn’t seems like to are uninterested or have no knowledge about the service and items of your restaurant.

If you learn how to upsell your restaurant business it can definitely going to boost your Restaurant Revenue and Profit.

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