5 Post-Purchase Emails (with examples) to engage with customers

5 Post-Purchase Emails (with examples) to engage with customers

Just a Thank you greeting isn’t the end of the customer journey.Its just a small start within it. Post-purchase emails have become a part of sales and engagement with fundamental email workflows, and with the help of emails, you can often make the difference between one-time customers and loyal customers.

After acquiring customers and converting them into purchasing customers, you might think the job is done. But from a customer’s point of view, clicking on the purchase button is not the end. The customer’s experience follows through post-purchase.

What’s the thought of a customer, how a customer feels after they have purchased something from your site is the part of customer’s journey to loyalty. Post-purchase is also an opportunity for all business owners to build retention to nurture a good relationship.

Post-purchase emails can help you retain customers, build loyalty, and engage more with customers.

What is Post-Purchase Email?

When you increase customer loyalty by just 7 percent, you increase customer lifetime value by more than 85%

Post-purchase emails are any emails that a shop or any business sends to its customers after they purchase any product or service. The post-purchase emails are one of the useful ways to create a relationship with customers. The follow-up taken during post-purchase typically includes promotional materials surely to improve retention or encourage the customers to become repeat visitors or customers.

For example, Shipping confirmation emails are post-purchase emails that are transactional in nature. You can include various post-purchase emails like thank-you emails or review request emails in your automation series.

Let’s discuss 5 Post-Purchase Emails (with examples) to engage with customers.

Together, these messages make up your post-purchase email sequence.

5-post purchase emails ideas to send to your customers

Now, as we have discussed above, about Post-purchase emails and their values, you should know how to integrate them into your marketing strategy.

There are various types of emails that you might include in your post-purchase customer journey. Here are the 5 top and most effective emails you can add to your post-purchase automation series with examples of how you can use it right.

1. Order Confirmation Email:

The first post-purchase email should always be the order confirmation email with the customers receive from you. These emails do more than just confirm product details. They’re the very first step and an extension of your brand.

Order confirmation emails have a 65% open rate, this is the highest open rate of all emails. Optimizing these emails is a sure way to get more eyes on your brand.


Confirmation Number: [number]

Hello [name],

We’re happy to let you know that we’ve received your order.

Once your package ships, we will send you an email with a tracking number and link so you can see the movement of your package.

contact us if you have any query.


Whether you cross-sell your product or not, your initial goal in the confirmation email is assurance. You want your customers to have that trust that everything is working as it should be. Adding a simple assurance in the email can be the best way of building trust. 

2. Shipping confirmation emails 

Shipping confirmation emails help customers to keep track of their orders. It is as important as confirmation mail. They let your customer assure when the product they ordered gets shipped from the place and begins its journey to their doorstep.

Adding a few beneficial information and adding a little creativity to these emails, can build customer loyalty, improve the post-purchase experience and establish a good impression for your brand.

For example:

[company name]

Customer name

Woo hoo! Your order is on its way. Your order details can be found below.



Order #: [number]

Order Date: [date]

Order Total: [price]


Thank you

The shipping confirmation order is also an opportunity to provide advice before the product arrives.

3. Check-in on the shipment email

Check-in on the shipment in the third of your post-purchase emails. Approximately 1 or 2 days after their order has arrived you want to check in to make sure everything arrived when it should and how it should. Ask questions like:

Did it arrive on time?

Did it arrive in good shape?

Did you have any issues after it got there?

We all have experienced somewhere sometimes the packages arrived late, containing the wrong product, or received a damaged product. We’ve also experienced an unresponsive company to fix the problem, it’s sometimes very frustrating that we decide to never do business with them again.

However, the check-in shipment emails don’t need to be particularly complex.

It should be like:

Dear Natasha,

Order no [ ]

“We value you and wanted to make sure everything was okay.If there was a problem, you can request a complaint, we’re here to resolve it.”


4. Request a review email

Request a review email should be your fourth post-purchase email. Its a natural thing when we are researching items online,the first thing we do is to look at the reviews of that particular product for knowing whether the product is good or the rating of that product is not good.

Positive reviews can lead to more sales while negative review can do the opposite of that and kills the product.

Reviews can also give insight so that you can better serve your customers. If a customer leaves a poor review, it also gives you the opportunity to resolve the problem and fix it at the right time.

The review request email will asks the customer to leave a review of the product and the experience they had with you.

Reviews from other consumers are considered 12x more trustworthy than other marketing materials.

For example

Subject: Do you have a moment to review us!

Dear [customer’s first name], 

Thank you for purchasing [product name]! We hope you’re enjoying it. If you have a second, please share your thoughts with us by leaving a review. We love hearing what our shoppers have to say, and are always looking to improve. Your review will also help your fellow shoppers make the right purchase in the future.


5. Offer a discount to re-order email

Your final post-purchase email should be a discount offer on a re-order or additional order.

This is the best post-purchase email for customer retention.When you start thinking as owner, you think about the customer’s last experience as they already purchased the product and the review results were also positive, you already know they likes the product and service. Now, is the perfect time to get them to re-order the product or purchase a similar product.

For example:

Subject: Get 50% on our new collection

Dear Natasha,

We would like to thankyou, for being our customer! We have just received a new collection and would like to offer you a 50% discount.

The discount code is VIP50,It will expire in 7 days.Do not miss out!

Have a great day


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