Restaurant Guide: Top 5 Best Restaurant Loyalty Programs to Use in 2024

Restaurant Guide: Top 5 Best Restaurant Loyalty Programs to Use in 2024

Earning customer loyalty requires dedication and effort. The foremost and pivotal step is to select the right fit loyalty program for the business, one that facilitates the acquisition of customer loyalty, engagement, retention, and revenue generation. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the top five most trusted loyalty programs in India for restaurants and small businesses.

Starting a Restaurant business is easy, but running a successful business is a tough task. The challenge is to acquire more customers and make them keep coming for more with higher spending and visit frequency. That is where a restaurant loyalty program plays a crucial role. In today’s competitive market, building customer loyalty is paramount, and cutting-edge loyalty solutions are helpful to drive engagement and boost retention but the question is there are several loyalty program providers in the market so which one to choose? What should be the characteristics of a good loyalty program? or what should be the features to consider while selecting the right loyalty program for a restaurant?

Yes, to help you we have curated the top five Best restaurant loyalty program solutions, join us as we explore the features and benefits of each provider, will be helping you choose the perfect loyalty program to elevate your business in the year ahead.

Here is the list of the top 5 Restaurant Loyalty Programs:

1.   Bingage

Bingage is a super-easy unified Customer loyalty program and marketing promotion engine for D2C e-commerce, Restaurants and retail businesses. One of the best loyalty programs for small businesses with features like customer segmentation, restaurant coupons and discount Rewards, Referrals, Feedback, & marketing automation. With 10 years of expertise in the customer loyalty and engagement sector, Bingage is an enterprise-level loyalty program, which provides a custom-build solution to match the brand voice. It provides an omnichannel marketing platform for businesses including SMS, Whatsapp marketing, email marketing etc.
One can start a loyalty program by creating a FREE account from here.

Key Features of Bingage Loyalty Program:

  • Customer Segmentation: To get detailed insights into customers and their behaviour.
  • Customised Reward type: Bingage provides a Multi-rule reward system, one can choose between a Cashback reward and a point-based reward system.
  • Tier-based loyalty program: Enables VIP Tiers and sends exclusive perks to customers on achieving milestones.
  • Businesses can send personalised communication through SMS, WhatsApp marketing and Emails.
  • Bingage helps restaurants collect Google and Zomato reviews, direct feedback and provide feedback analytics reports for future decisions.
  • Easy integration with the current POS System.
  • Bingage has a restaurant referral program: create a branded refer-n-earn program and make the customers act like brand advocates, sending them attractive rewards on each referral.
  • An All-in-one Customer engagement and retention solution designed to track the customer lifecycle journey through a CRM and app, enabling first-time customers to turn into lifetime fans of a brand.
  • Dedicated account support manager, and expert consultation.

2. Xeno

It is a next-generation loyalty program software with a user-friendly interface. Xeno’s loyalty platform helps different business models build customer loyalty and retain customers. The platform primarily provides services to the retail sector and has quite a popular name. Xeno guarantees that it provides exclusive experiences through its loyalty program platform. Some of the key features of Xeno loyalty program solutions are the following:

  • Advanced tools to analyze data and get helpful information.
  • Strong security to keep customer information safe.
  • It enables giving perks to the people on particular interactions, special perks like gifts and personalised coupons.
  • Option to run loyalty programs through social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Loyalty programs can be customized to suit different types of businesses.
  • Easy integration with the POS System.

3. Reelo

Reelo stands out as one of the top loyalty program platforms, perfect for creating a captivating reward system for restaurant customers. With Reelo’s tailored loyalty programs, you can effectively engage and keep customers coming back. Reelo offers special features for creating and designing a customized, visually appealing, and user-friendly loyalty program. Here are some standout features of Reelo:

  • Businesses can get various restaurant loyalty program ideas with their loyalty inspiration section.
  • Detailed analytics, provides comprehensive analytics on loyalty programs, one can measure the performance of loyalty programs and take steps accordingly.
  • Customised WhatsApp and SMS Templates to send personalised communication to customers.
  • Reelo has a referral program that helps brands gain new customers with a refer-n-earn program.
  • Businesses can choose the type of loyalty program and the colour and theme can be customisable as per the brand voice.

4. eWards

eWards is a customer management system that works online, helping you handle all your interactions with customers, both old and new. With eWards, you can handle interactions in person and online to create personalized experiences that keep customers coming back and boost your profits. It uses software, data analysis, advice, and data management to make customer programs successful for businesses.

  • Customer feedback system to capture guest experiences.
  • Tailor rewards to suit a Brand’s preferences.
  • Personalized offers, and targeted promotions to keep customers engaged and loyal
  • Communicate with customers through multiple channels
  • Data Analytics, detailed customer insights for future decision-making and strategy development.
  • Seamlessly integrate with various platforms and channels.

5. Petpooja Loyalty Program:

Petpooja POS is India’s leading Point of sale system, although Petpooja has integration with largest loyalty program providers, Petpooja Loyalty is designed specifically for restaurant owners, integrating smoothly with POS systems. What sets it apart is its flexibility—you can tweak it to suit your needs perfectly. It’s a highly effective loyalty program tailored for restaurants

Key Feature of Petpooja Loyalty Program:

  • It works with pre-defined loyalty and cashback points.
  • Businesses can send reward campaigns and communication to customers.
  • Customers can recharge the wallet using (Cash/UPI/card)
  • OTP-regulated redemption feature to avoid misuse of rewards.
  • It provides Reward Management.

best restaurant loyalty program solutions in 2024


 Restaurant loyalty programme FAQs

How do restaurant loyalty programs benefit my business?

Restaurant loyalty programs boost customer retention, increase repeat visits, encourage higher spending per visit, and enhance overall brand loyalty. They also provide valuable customer data for targeted marketing and personalized experiences.

What features should I look for in a restaurant loyalty program?

Look for features like easy integration with your POS system, customizable rewards and incentives, multi-channel communication options, robust analytics for tracking program performance, and flexibility to adapt to your specific business needs.

 How can I encourage customers to join my restaurant loyalty program?

Offer attractive sign-up incentives such as a welcome discount or free item, promote the program through in-store signage, your website, and social media channels, and ensure that joining is quick and hassle-free.

How can I measure the success of my restaurant loyalty program?

Track key metrics such as enrollment rate, redemption rate, average spend per visit among loyalty members, and overall increase in customer retention and satisfaction. Use analytics tools provided by your loyalty program provider to assess performance and make data-driven improvements.

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