7 Best Digital Marketing Tactics for Delivery-Only Restaurant Business Owners.

7 Best Digital Marketing Tactics for Delivery-Only Restaurant Business Owners.

Digital marketing is not a new term now, but with the consistent appearance of new patterns and innovations, it is developing continually. Everybody knows about its significance, yet without fusing the latest trends & strategies in digital marketing, the business can’t receive its greatest rewards. 
For online food businesses like cloud kitchen or ghost kitchen or any other food delivering business, digital advertising may be a remarkable useful resource in promoting, in addition to operating the business. Their target consumer base is tech-savvy and stays energetic on social media platforms. So, it makes the best feel for online food delivery businesses to capitalize on online resources by reaching out & connecting with the audience on numerous digital marketing channels.

In this post, we are going to discuss how the cloud kitchen can leverage the power of Social media. Let’s start – 

1. Do Register Locally (Basic SEO) 

Be easy to find out by your local audience, register your business on Google my business, and increase your searchability on Google. Suppose you are delivering South Indian food online…
Generally, there are two situations whereby either someone entered the location directly into the search parameters (search for “south Indian restaurant nearby me”) or someone in a location and Google returned search results based on your GPS (you were in the town of where your business located and ran a search for “south Indian Food corner”) which can greatly impact your restaurant’s online traffic. 

Restaurants can receive online orders for pickup or delivery directly from Google Search, Maps, or the Assistant. Users who search for your restaurant may see an “Order Online” button (If you have a website), which they can tap to view a menu and start their order. More info is here. Also, it shows the link of online food delivery app which redirect the user to your outlet’s page on Swiggy 

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Let’s understand this with an example of famous Cloud Kitchen Behrouz Biryani – 

behrouz biryani the famous cloud kitchen chain in india

2. Have an SEO Friendly Website 

If you wanna increase online food ordering traffic, then having an SEO friendly website could help with it. 

Tips for making an SEO friendly website – 

1. Make sure your food ordering website has key SEO elements in place such as title, meta tags, user-friendly URL structure sitemaps, 301 redirects, image alt tags, duplicate content control to be able to rank in search engines. 

2. Optimize your website content by including relevant keywords like “online restaurants in <location>”, “order food online”, “ online food ordering business”, “food delivery in <location>”, “cloud kitchen business” “delivery-only restaurant” this will helps to gain visibility on search engines.

3. If possible start a blog that allows you to produce good content on the relevant subject. Share about the recipes, nutritious value, new cuisines, etc. Besides, a blog will also allow you to target relevant keywords & attract more traffic to your website. Make sure to have a proper Call to Action Button that redirects the user to your homepage that increases online ordering. 

3. Be engaging on Social Media 

Social Media Marketing is emerging day by day, especially after the Covid19 pandemic, people have learned that technologies can connect people sitting far away from each other, now we are becoming more tech-friendly. hence the businesses are leveraging the power of Social Media by using the latest trends of social media marketing. 

social media marketing statistics for all type of food business

Go creative on social media, know about your audience. according to a study, over one million mentions on social media sites about the restaurant, food and beverage industry, 57 percent of these were about quick-service restaurants.  

Tips for Social Media Marketing – 

1. Post creatives images, videos, recipes on social media.
2. Complete your profile with relevant hashtags & details.
3. Be real with the audience, due to covid19 customers are cautious about cleanliness & hygiene, post images, and videos of your kitchen making dishes with safety and proper care.
4. Other than being creative, also focus on your customers. Re-share customer’s content. Reply to their comments and queries timely. Pay attention to their feedback. Run offers & loyalty programs exclusively on social media. 
5. Promote business through social media can help to generate more leads and create a buzz around the brand.

the best time to post on social media for restaurant and bar is when people are eating and checking their mobile phones.

4. Video is the future of content marketing 

Video marketing will be the trendsetter in upcoming years, now people engage with video more than images. According to Buffer, 81% of businesses prefer video marketing on Facebook. 
Other Video Marketing Statistics as per Optinmosnter

89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI.
83% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation.
87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website.
80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales.

Put small engaging videos on social media that can be funny, informative, or emotional. 

Tips on Video marketing for cloud kitchen & restaurant – 

Days are gone when people use to make a general business explanatory video, now it is the time of explaining about your business with the help of creative storytelling with a mixed feeling of emotions & imagination. Use that!

Convey your message to the audience with the help of videos like what are the measures you following amidst Covid19, steps taking for safe online food deliveries.

You can share recipe videos, Giffy, tips & ideas to keep your viewers engaged. Like a few days back I saw a video on Instagram and it took me 2 minutes to follow the page and see the profile. Sharing here – 

5. Go with Influencer Marketing (Highly Trending)

Nothing works like word of mouth marketing, Influencer marketing is taking the new trend of marketing among social media. A study also revealed that 6 out of 10 teenagers follow the advice of influencer than any other celebrity. 

imprortance of  influencer marketing for restaurant and online food delivery business

Brands are getting positive response from influencer marketing campaigns, According to mediakix, 89% of marketers say that ROI from influencer marketing is comparable or better than other marketing channels.

What is Influencer marketing – 

Let’s understand this in short, Influencer marketing, As we mentioned earlier, people are just crazy to know about food, recipes & nutritious value of the food they consume. There are thousands of food bloggers active on the internet especially on Instagram, sharing about food, the place of food, and much more related to that. For food startups, cloud kitchen, or any other restaurant, they have a huge number of influencers ready to market in the exchange of some rewards. 

Tips to leverage the power of influencer marketing for cloud kitchen & restaurant – 

1. Make a list of high performing food blogger in your city who have good followers, approach them to advertise about your brand, they write about your business in their blog and create content that doesn’t sound like an advertisement. This is the best way of indirect marketing. 

2. A featured article or blog about having your business name and website or social media page can give you better ROI than cost. 

3. Make sure, your customers are the most prominent influencers So, don’t miss out to share their reviews, feedbacks, and testimonials. 

Encourage your customers to share their feedback on social media by tagging you, then reshare it on your story and feed. That will build a relationship with customers & increase word of mouth marketing. 


6. Do not undervalue the power of SMS & Email-marketing

Not all your customers visit your website frequently and have your application installed, so to reach out & inform those customers the latest offerings and details about their orders promptly, Email & SMS are common yet the trustable mode of communication. 

Here are some tips for effective Email & SMS marketing – 

1. Use personalized SMS marketing, every customer receives several messages in a day so they don’t pay much attention to that but if you send SMS & email containing their name like “Hi Rohan, Hi Nimish, an etc” can increase 48% more chances of conversion. 

2. Use a marketing automation tool like cloud kitchen CRM, personalized marketing tools, to capture the customer data and make the user experience more personalized with the help of analytics. 

3. Send birthday and anniversary wishes to your customers through SMS with their first name, Bingage AI-Enabled CRM & marketing automation tool helps you to schedule birthday wishes of your customer 5 days before, 2 days before, and the same day.  then it will automatically send to all of your customers having a birthday on the same month with their first name. 

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7. Run Exclusive Offers & Contest

Run special offers & contests, like the festive season is coming so plan a contest or offers keeping the festive theme in the mind. You can leverage referral marketing and encourage people to refer your business to their friends and families to earn special rewards or coupons.

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