how to run a successful restaurant business

10 Key Factors to Run a Successful Restaurant Business

New restaurants are coming up every day, from food truck business to fine dining to cafes and to theme-based restaurants, options are uncountable. Running your own business is sounds great but it’s not a piece of cake for everyone. Selecting a good location can’t alone give a guarantee of success. There are several factors to consider before opening a restaurant,…

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customer retention in restaurant
CRM Software for Restaurants

How Restaurant CRM Software is helpful in Increasing Customer Retention?

The restaurant industry is dynamic, trends changes day by day. Customer’s preferences also change according to trends. Most of the restropreneur do a lot of things to bring new customers but do not pay attention to retaining existing customers. Let’s understand what is customer retention in restaurant. Definition of Customer Retention “Customer retention is the ability of a company to…

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