The Importance of CRM for Restaurants (What are the Actual benefits)

The Importance of CRM for Restaurants (What are the Actual benefits)

Restaurant owners pay attention to buying billing software for KOTs, inventory and order management. But what about customer data analytics? With POS they can collect data, but can not get valid insights into customer buying behaviour. Customer Data analytics helps a business person plans marketing strategies by keeping customers’ preference in mind. This is where the role of a CRM for Restaurants is important…

A CRM Software integrated with your billing system will help you to get clear insights into the customer purchase, it will help you to segregate the database and divide the customer into various segments. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of “CRM for restaurants” and how it is crucial for the long-term growth of a restaurant business

CRM is crucial for gaining Repeat customers

A CRM helps to identify the likes, dislikes, visits, spending capacity and behaviour of customers. Why it’s so important?
Because your all customer’s buying behaviour is not the same.
For example – Customers who haven’t come back for 60 days are different from customers who are coming more than 3 times in a month.
Customers who are spending good and coming good are different from customers who are spending less than the average billing amount.

CRM with Loyalty Boosts Customer Lifetime Value

Choose a restaurant CRM with loyalty program, and start giving customers rewards on every purchase. A restaurant reward program is useful to send some rewards to in exchange for their purchases customers which helps –
1. To make your customer feel rewarding
2. Boost customer lifetime value
3. Increase customer repetition
4. Boost customer loyalty
5. Makes the brand stand out from the crowd

Bingage is replacing traditional point-based loyalty with a cashback loyalty program. Which is a more effective and easy loyalty program.
Example – In point-based loyalty – 1 point can be equal to 20 rs or 50 rs or 5 rs. as well.
But in cashback 50 rs is equal to 50 Rs only. Thus customers feel easy to redeem at the time of making purchases. The more your loyalty program is easy to use for the customers, the more it can be successful.
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Run Target-based Marketing Auto-Campaign

As we already explained, A CRM helps restaurant owners with Customer segmentations such as regular customers, VIP customers, Customers who are spending less, and Customers who haven’t turned back for 60 days. This analytics helps to plan targeted campaigns & offers as per the buying behaviour of customers.
For example – Customers who haven’t turned back for many days need a good discount at your restaurant but
Customers who are coming and spending quite well, who are your VIP customers don’t need a discount from your side, they just need to keep entertained like you can send them campaigns when you introduce a new menu, planning an event or something.

Thus, Bingage CRM helps restaurant owners run targeted campaigns, if you are a restaurant owner and want to send campaigns to customers, you can simply create segments and choose any segment of the particular campaign.
This will help you in two ways:
1. Increase ROI of the campaign (As you are choosing the right audience)
2. Minimise the spending of SMS Credits (Because you are not targeting in bulk)

Personalised sms examples in restaurant

Auto campaigns help restaurants to send automatic messages to customers, system self tab on customers who haven’t turned back, who are falling from active to inactive, Customers whose birthdays are coming, customers who came for the first time and you want to send a welcome message as greetings.
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Leverage QR-technology

Instead of keeping different QR codes, and putting a single QR for every purpose, the Restaurant industry is already switched to the QR menu from the physical menu after Covid19. Similarly, Bingage will help you to use QR technology to get feedback from customers and check offers & menus.
Taking Feedback directly from the QR system is helpful for fine-dining restaurants as they are not able to get the database at the time of billing. Interact with your customer first, and build your brand image in front of your customers.
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Bingage works beyond that just a CRM – Customer relationship manager, It’s an all-in-one Customer engagement & Loyalty solution which is exclusively designed for the restaurant industry keeping all the needs & wants in mind. Our aim is to boost engagement between brands & customers by providing the easiest marketing solution which has all the features a business genuinely needs for long-term growth & to boost ROI.
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