11 Pro Tips to Make Restaurant Business Successful in 2020

11 Pro Tips to Make Restaurant Business Successful in 2020

New restaurants are coming up every day, from food truck business to fine dining to cafes and to theme-based restaurants, options are uncountable. Running your own business is sounds great but making it successful is a backbreaker.
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Although the restaurant industry is growing immensely yet 60% of the restaurant closed down within a year or two years of operations, reasons for these failures can be different but the truth is they failed to survive 😐
Selecting a good location can’t alone give a guarantee of success. There are several factors to consider before opening a restaurant, It’s a process that involved –

1. Strategical planning

2. Financial planning

3. Marketing Efforts

If all things and planning goes right, opening and managing a restaurant can be very fruitful, Here I am sharing a complete guide on how to make a new restaurant successful.
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1. Differentiate yourself from others

Differentiate your brand as a unique identity. See it is not a good idea to start a business with the same concept that already uses by 10 to 15 outlets over here. People are craving for uniqueness, they come if they feel you have something different for them. Attract more customer in the restaurant by establishing a different brand.

2. Choose a Simple yet Unique menu

Most significant thing is to make sure that the restaurant menu designing should be unique and appealing. 10-page large menu that is giving customers many choices and ending up with multiple pages of completely unrelated items and slightest different dishes is off-trend now. Instead of designing a boring menu card, go for an attractive one that is simple and attractive in design, easy to read and has limited choices.

tips for designing restaurant menu

3. Hire a professional, experienced chef

Make sure you are hiring chef who has a good experience and can satisfy your customer. Happy customer derives repeat customers. Select a chef who is an expert in preparing authentic dishes depending on your restaurant theme.

For example – Suppose you own a Chinese restaurant, your identity is Chinese outlet right, what if you hire a chef who doesn’t know how to cook momos or dish made by him don’t taste better…

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So, always hire talented chefs who can understand and satisfy the taste of your customers.

4. Do aggressive promotion

Promotion of a new restaurant is one of the important tasks of the restaurant manager. Promote your business among your local customers, target your audience and invite them to come. Such as you can organise small party or event or seminars which can market your business among the public. This is a cost-effective marketing strategy.

5. Use Social Media

This is the age of digital marketing, a business can be unimaginable without social media marketing for the restaurant. Having a strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide consistent footfall. Power of social media is beyond what you think if you are not paying attention you’re actually limiting business revenue and potential growth.
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Look at the image below – how they are engaging with their audience on Instagram.

social media marketing tips for restaurants

6. Productive use of CRM and POS system

Now restaurants are using technology for handling the operational task which brings flexibility in management. Also improves customer experiences. A Restaurant pos software is a modernised system which provides solutions to operational challenges and impacts positively in making a restaurant business successful.

A. Allows recording of stock details which reduces the chances of any discrepancy.

B. Cultivate a strong relationship with the customer 

C. Provide a real-time report of sales, customers, expenditure and revenue.

D. Restaurant management software helps in the management customer database in one roof.

7. The customer loyalty program provides valued customers.

Getting in touch with the customer is important when you are in the restaurant business, a Loyalty program is significant to get regular customers and even better loyal customers. One can achieve this by offering them cashback rewards for their repeat businesses that they have given to a restaurant.

Bingage customer loyalty program for restaurant allows restaurant owners to create each customer’s separate wallet and can give them cashback (which is completely different and understandable than point-based loyalty program)

8. Encourage Repeat sales

When you are in a business, you have to explore new opportunity every day to create a buzz in your restaurant. Only acquiring new customers is not enough, you must know how to create repeat customers. CRM software can help you with the management and segregation of customers.

importance of repeat customers in the business

9. Seating Arrangement

This is another important factor which influences customer engagement in your restaurant if the seating arrangement should be organised. If possible arrange outdoor seating.
I am not saying that a lavish style seating is necessary, But an elegant yet extensive layout is essential for revenue generation.

10. Don’t forget to ask for Referrals

Once you get a list of your loyal customer, ask them for referrals. Importance of referral marketing is much more than you ever think. 92% of people trust the recommendation of their family and friends before selecting a restaurant.

Many businesses are getting new customers through online referral marketing. Encourage referral by offering your customers some exciting rewards coupons or cash-vouchers.

Start referral marketing in your restaurant with Bingage online referral marketing software

11. Leveraging AI Technology

Restaurant owners who are not tech-savvy often consider using AI in restaurants a bit costly and most of them have myth that AI (Artificial intelligence) means using Robots, But it beyond this.
There are numerous data in restaurants remained unused, at Bingage, we help restaurant owners to perform Big data analytics in restaurants leveraging AI-Enabled marketing software in a low budget with a user-friendly interface.
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PS – If you want to make your the restaurant business successful, Try to be uncommon than your existing competitiors. Explore market trends and focus on your restaurant customer relationship management.

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