List of 5 Best POS Software for Restaurants in India (Most-Preferable)

List of 5 Best POS Software for Restaurants in India (Most-Preferable)

Everything is now digitalised! Agree?
Then being a restaurant owner, why wouldn’t you prefer the latest restaurant technology for the business’s smooth operation & long-term growth.

We all are aware that, Restaurant business owners are now adopting effective solutions that can automate operational work, minimise physical burden and improve business sales.

POS Systems has changed the pattern of how the restaurant industry works. From time to time, the old techniques need to be swapped by modernized techniques. To be updated and evolve the latest technology, POS software is being designed for this purpose. 

What is Restaurant POS software?

A restaurant POS software manages and streamlines all your restaurant business operational work. Previously, a traditional POS system was only limited to a restaurant billing software that includes took orders and generated a receipt.

Now with the evolution of technology, it transformed from manual to an automated process, restaurant owners can easily manage complete business work with the help of a modern point of sale system, Integrated with Customer Relationship Management system, table & reservation management, KOT management, online order management, Stock & Inventory Management, Loyalty Programs, advance reporting, analytics & more.

Cloud-based POS system is now become the need of the hour and providing end-to-end solutions. Still only POS is not enough, if you want long-term growth, you need to have a complete AI-based CRM solution for restaurant (better if integrated with your POS) which helps you with customer retention, customer engagement & boost business ROI.

POS software helps to make the work easier for restaurant owners so that they can work more effectively and leave hectic work on software (multiple tasks) and make their work easier and work in a wider range. Whether you need to keep track or manage stock, orders, inventory, restaurant billing, you need a Point of sale system. But before selecting the best POS system for your business, you need to study some factors important to study while choosing a Restaurant Software.

Who can use the Restaurant POS System –

  • Manager:- To track the performance of staff, improve customer relationships, generating sales reports, etc.
  • Staff:- To accept the online reservations, manage orders, allocation of tables will be working or not, etc.
  • Chefs:- To keep track of inventory, etc.
  • Supervisors:- To keep track of staff, record attendance, etc.

Facts About using Restaurant POS –

  • According to Toast’s annual Restaurant Success Report, 95% of restaurateurs acknowledge that the restaurant POS system improves their business efficiency.
  • Restaurant POS Terminals Market size raised USD 10 billion in 2017 and is predicted to expand at a CAGR of over 13% between 2018 and 2024. The global industry purchases are expected to approach 20 million units by 2024.
  • Mobile POS Terminals Market size exceeded USD 20 billion in 2019 and is predicted to expand at a CAGR of around 19% between 2020 and 2026. It’ll reach 55 million units by 2026.

List of Five Best POS Software for Restaurant –


The cloud-based restaurant billing software for bakery, restaurant, cloud kitchens, food trucks, etc. With this feature, a restaurant can expand its business to a wide range and streamline a variety of operations. It provides tools like- customer feedback, inventory management with various recipes, etc.

  • User Interface– Easily accessible, simple & fast
  • Online Menu Integration– Allows to manage menu and you can easily change the menu at Zomato, Swiggy, etc.
  • Online Orders– Provides premium services, also power chains like Pizza Hut, Eat Fit, etc.


It mainly focuses on an Indian Restaurant. It offers a full suite of restaurant management tools. 

  • Next-gen software– Billing software that controls more than 20,000+ vendors across 100+ communities.
  • Framework- Frame your restaurant from an online platform to KOTs and stock.
  • Ease of work- It has made life easy for people and increased productivity.


It is known as one of the best POS Software for all types of restaurants and provides services like inventory control, CRM, real-time reporting, etc. It is present globally across 20 countries and has served approximately 8000+ restaurants.

  • Tech-savvy- It provides solutions to automate their Front-end and Back-end operations.
  • Wide Range- CRM, Inventory management, billing, etc.
  • Reporting system- It gives a deep insight into cost control, boost proficiency, etc.


It provides POS, Supply Chain, and Inventory management tools. A user-friendly module that makes easy modules for restaurant owners and helps to improve their functionality.

  • Reservation App– It helps to maintain the customer relationship, by keeping them informed about the status.
  • Customer Profiles- It helps you to know the expectations of your customers and likewise you can create offers and loyalty programs.
  • Feedback App– Customers can share their views and accordingly the restaurant improvises its services.


It gives the business a tool to help restaurants to get online and manage efficiently. This module is designed for POS, CRM services, online orders, table reservations, etc.

  • Direct Online Orders- You can directly reserve a table or order through the app.
  • Offline Mode- You can download reports and punch orders even if you’re offline.
  • Advanced Analytics- User-friendly dashboard and also provides daily reports. 

To conclude we can say that nowadays, as technology is growing rapidly, every Restaurant Owner needs the best POS software for any type of restaurant. It helps to manage and organize all the activities running and keep track of inventory, orders, etc, 

Even if your business is doing well, you can’t handle all the pressure at one of the staff, customers, employees, and all.

Using a POS already? Get a 360-Degree CRM Solution for your Restaurant –

We are here for you, Bingage works with the integration of Petpooja, SlickPOS & Posist and Helps you to boost Customer Retention, customer relationships & business ROI.
Let your Restaurant grow with the Power of Big-data and Artificial intelligence.

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