Restaurant: 6 Practical Ways to Attract New Customers & Keep Them Coming Back For More

Restaurant: 6 Practical Ways to Attract New Customers & Keep Them Coming Back For More

The restaurant industry is booming. More and more people are opening restaurants, and even existing restaurants are expanding to different locations. It seems like there is a new restaurant opening every other day.

On one side where competition is increasing day by day, owners are always looking for ways to boost sales, increase customer experience and attract more customers. They want customers to come back again and again and spend their money.

Here are six smart strategies that will help you increase your customer base, bring in new customers and keep them coming back for more.

1. Create a unique brand identity –

The first thing you need to do is create a brand identity that sets you apart from all other restaurants in your area. This is how you become memorable to customers, who will then associate your restaurant with quality food and service, not to mention great value for money.

Creating a brand identity for a restaurant is a great way to make sure that the business is memorable and unique.

People are always looking for something new and exciting, and creating a brand identity is one way to do this. It can help you stand out from other restaurants that have similar menus or locations, and it will make your customers feel like they’re getting something special when they come in.

2. Offer personalised Customer Service

At Bingage, We believe in the power of personalised customer service. We want to make sure that, when any customers come into your restaurant, they get exactly what they want, and nothing less.

If you want people to come back time after time, then providing excellent customer service is essential. This means greeting each customer by name when they walk through the door; making sure they have everything they need (such as extra napkins); asking if everything is OK; connecting each and every customer at the individual level.

Why personalised?

A tailored offer just for a segment of customers, including services/experience exactly they expect from your restaurant, because it is to feel special when you’re out with friends or family, so your friendly staff will make sure that your customer never feels like just another face in the crowd.

3. Customer loyalty program

Restaurant customer loyalty programs can be used to increase the customer base and boost sales, but they also have the added benefit of building relationships with customers and encouraging repeat visits.

The purpose of a customer loyalty program is simple: To keep your existing customers coming back for more! Consider using a cashback loyalty program to help encourage repeat visits and increase sales.

The best loyalty program for restaurants is the Cashback loyalty program – Send cashback as a purchase reward to a customer’s E-wallet that will be redeemable at your outlet only.
Example – Get 5% cashback on Min order of 300
Get 10% cashback on Min order of 800…& So on.

Customers who feel appreciated will be more likely to continue spending money with you than they would if they felt like they were just another number on a list.

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4. Boost Social Media Presence

Social media marketing is an important part of any business, but it’s especially important for restaurants.

When you have a restaurant, you want to make sure that your customers are aware of all the great things you’re doing. You want them to be able to get what they want from your restaurant and make their experience as easy as possible.

Social media is the way to do this! By posting about what’s going on in the restaurant, where you can find specific products, or even just sending out coupons for discounts or freebies, you can make sure that people know how much they love your place.

Here are some ways that you can use social media to attract new customers and build relationships with existing ones:

1. Use Social Media for Customer Service

2. Post Events, Promotions and Specials

3. Post Food Photos and Videos

4. Engage with Customers on Their Timelines

Social media can also help you get feedback from customers on their experiences at your restaurant. If they’ve had a great time there, let them know! If they didn’t enjoy themselves as much as they expected/hoped, ask them why so that you can improve future visits for all of your guests. This kind of feedback will help keep your business running smoothly by letting you know what needs work so that nothing goes unnoticed—and it’ll also make sure that those unhappy customers don’t leave feeling like their concerns went unheard (which could lead them not wanting to come back).

5. Offer coupons and discounts for new customers

Coupons are a great way to get people in the door, especially if you’re running a sale or special promotion. Just make sure to give them enough time to use it—you don’t want them to forget about your coupon.
Use coupon marketing in restaurants and notified your customers about live coupons and offers with various tactics.

Win-back lost customers using a special discount code, for example – It’s been a long since you have visited us, we’re offering a special discount just for you! Just use the code [COUPON] at checkout, and you’ll get 15% off your next order.

This allows us to offer them something special while still retaining our margins and providing them with the best possible value.

6. Try restaurant text marketing to reach out to potential customers.

SMS marketing is a great way to reach customers on the go, and it’s especially beneficial for restaurants.

Customers are always busy, so it’s important that your offers are relevant and useful for them. You can personalise your message to be relevant to the customer’s preferences and past orders, making the experience feel more like a conversation

You can also send them special discounts or coupons when they’re nearby your business—this will help them feel like they’re getting something extra special when they visit.

For one more thing, you can use SMS marketing to get feedback from customers on their experience at your restaurant. This helps you improve your customer service so that every experience is better than the last!

The text messages are personalised—they include the customer’s name, so they feel like they’re getting something made just for them.

Not only do we see an increase in revenue when we use this type of marketing, but more importantly, we see an increase in loyalty. Customers who receive one text message tend to come back more often—and bring more friends with them!

These are some of the best ways to attract more customers to restaurants. Make sure you optimize your marketing strategies with these!

Takeaway: Be friendly and attentive to your customers- This is one of the most important things you can do to increase your business. Your customers will feel welcome and will be more likely to come back when they know that they’ll have a good time.

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