17 Funny & Creative Restaurants & Bars Chalkboard Signs

17 Funny & Creative Restaurants & Bars Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard Signs are the best ways to attract customer passing by the restaurant. Although Digital marketing in restaurants promotes business online but never ignore the worth of small signs. They can also attract customers if you go out of the box.
Here I am sharing 17 creative and funny and creative restaurant chalkboard signs outside the doors that would make you go inside the door –

#1 Sign smartly winning over criticism

come and try the worst meatball sandwich that one guy on yelp ever had in his life

#2 A Sign attacking Emotions

eat here or we will both starve

3. Make it Clear

No matter how angry you are,
 no flicking over tables.

4. Signs that empower customers

soup of the day, the tears of our enemies

5. Sign That makes a lot of sense.

you can't buy happiness but you can buy beer and that's almost he same thing

6. Sign Targeting Coffee Lovers

7. That one is so relatable 😂

8. Can’t help with Chemistry

i don't want to get technical or anything, but according to  chemistry alcohol is the solution.

9. A sign that made you think & Laugh

do you need coffee? yes or no

10. Creativity Level is on high!

free air conditioning beer from around the world!

Some of the other Funny creative restaurant & bar chalkboard signs examples that will make you laugh…

11. Customer Wanted!!!

Wanted customers, no experience required full training will be given.

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12. Something for Wine lovers

13. Signs Are Everywhere If You Look Good Enough

14. Incoming Call!!

incoming call, a funny creative restaurants chalkboard sing example

15. Heart Touching

sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory

16. Everything is better with…

Everything gets better with coffee #chalkboard #coffee #handlettering #restaurant #hotel #krijtbord

17. And this is something which left you with no choice to leave!!

Creative restaurant chalkboard ideas

Smart chalkboard sidewalk signs like these are a great way for entertaining and attracting customers!
If you’ve seen any cool, funny creative restaurants chalkboard signs, please let us know in the comment section Thank you 🙂

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