7 Proven Restaurant Marketing Ideas You’ll Wish Someone Would Have Told You Before

7 Proven Restaurant Marketing Ideas You’ll Wish Someone Would Have Told You Before

The kind of marketing that is done today is completely different from what it used to be earlier.
In order to become a successful restaurant owner, one has to come up with ideas that make them stand out from the crowd!

Here are some restaurant marketing ideas you need to focus in order to make it successful.

1. Start by offering customised Experience

Stop sending bulk SMS to each and every customer with the same typical message. No one cares, people don’t respond. Now the customer wants “Personalised Experience” tailored according to their choices and preferences. and As a restaurant owner, you will have to focus on that.

A study says customised content creates resonance for the reader because they feel it on an individual levelPersonalised Marketing is 48% more effective than bulk SMS marketing.

For example –

A person who likes “South Indian” has to be sent a different offer/SMS from a person who always likes “Chinese”

Right?? Similarly, We can’t send Offer of the Chicken lollipop to the person who always prefers vegetarian. Got my point?

“Personalisation is all about sending the right information to the right people at the right time

See the example below –

personalised restaurant marketing example

JUST for YOU — Did you read the line that’s the magic that creates customers and brings them back with you 🙂

Only For You: A Complete Guide to Personalised Marketing

2. Offer Birthday Greetings and Rewards

Birthday rewards and freebies are parts of a restaurant loyalty program, for loyal customers to keep maintaining a relationship with them. Healthy customer relationship provides high paid value customers, Sending birthday offers to customers increases customer loyalty.

We stressed on the point on why restaurant owners should send birthday wishes to customers and came to the following points –

A) The priceless tactic in winning over lifetime customers.

B) Customers are expecting special treatments, offer them birthday freebies gain customer loyalty.

C) Don’t let your rivals take your customers by offering birthday benefits, Be sure in this case, you’re not only losing a potential birthday splurge, but also a chance to hit a high sales likely to gain from the entire party!

So don’t forget to share good thoughts on your customer’s special days.

Example –

Hey Lisa, Grand palette wishes you a very Happy Birthday!!

“Today special for you- Get 20% discount on an order above 1500 minimum 2 people. Get 50% on your family dinner Minimum, 5 people. 
Your code -LISAGP20”

3. Holidays Marketing

Pick an upcoming holiday or any special days, run a marketing campaign on holiday theme, like recently Rakshabandhan and independence days are coming, you can plan something to create engagement among people and be on limelight.

A) Rakshabandhan is a festival of brother & sister, you can go with online contest something like sharing, tagging and winning giveaways.

See the example below — Ferns and petals advertising dining offer on Raksha Bandhan.

raksha bandhan special offer at restaurant

4. Leverage a grand local event

Suppose a grand event is happening nearby your area, like any sports festival, dance carnival or any other with a huge audience. 
You can generate more business by inviting event crowd to your business, by giving them an offer.

Something like these –

Get 5% off on burger on showing passes on the nearby event. This will create excitement among the people to come and enjoy the burger at your restaurant. Is it sound interesting?

5. Be Engage in social media

Social media is the best platform for business where you can get more business with a less cost if you are using it for the right.

Social media stats are showing that —

Brands are leveraging social media platforms to connect with the audience and invite them by advertising their menu, special dish, special events among the targeted audience. Importance of social media marketing for restaurant is high as 75% of consumers use Facebook recommendations while selecting a restaurant.

example of restaurant marketing on social media

6. Get micro-influencer for your brand

Micro influencer marketing is a tested strategy trending in 2019, micro-influencer includes food bloggers, restaurant reviewers that have huge followers are playing an important role in branding and driving traffic for restaurants, Instagram has emerged as the prominent channel in influencer marketing it provides feature to share food pictures and videos among audience, You have seen several bloggers who have a reputed page, and remarkable followers.

Brands are considering influencer marketing because they maybe not have higher followers as like celebrities but their recommendation impact on the people as they interact people on a more personal level.

Get Collaboration reputed Food Bloggers, Vloggers, and social media influencer, this is one of the best ways to reach out to the potential customers.

Sharing one of the examples of influencer marketing –

what is influencer marketing and example of influencer marketing

7. Create marketing campaigns filled with Emotions

Get back with emotional restaurant advertising, Emotions are something that never lets you forget about something if someone connects with you emotionally, it generates a completely different impact.

Take help of storytelling, engage with the audience. Share their memories with your restaurant on social media and tag them, believe me, it will work!

Emotional marketing is something that pursues buyers decision. You have to make your customer feel in order to make a connection with them.

Sharing Famous brand Coca-cola “Share a Coke” campaign was one of the most successful campaigns. Wanna know what was it?

coca cola share a coke campaign

They have produced 20-ounce bottles with the 250 of the country’s most popular names with the company’s iconic logo. Where consumers are urged to find bottles with names that hold a special meaning for them and ask to share with friends and family. It got success because they connected with consumers on “personal level”

For example, when consumers share a name-branded Coke bottle with his loved one, they feel like honouring their special ones rather than promoting the brand itself.

So these are the top restaurant marketing ideas you need to execute now if you want a long term growth for your restaurant, Hope these ideas would help you to scale your restaurant.

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