3 Methods That Innovative Companies Use CRM Software

3 Methods That Innovative Companies Use CRM Software

With the introduction of customer relationship management (CRM) software, businesses of all types and sizes are able to nurture and strengthen their relationships with customers in a more efficient and productive way. This modern business platform allows enterprises to capture and manage customer information, but also provides them with a crystal clear 360-degree view of their customers’ interactions, history, behavior, and more.

The modern CRM software helps businesses grow and sustain customer relationships for long-term sales. It automates mundane and repetitive tasks like capturing contact details (name, email, and phone number), creation and update of customer profiles, and more.

Data from various interaction points, purchases, and support requests are instantly gathered, stored, and managed within a centralized environment. Users can quickly access information, generate reports, or perform a thorough analysis. The insights generated are then used to create or improve sales and marketing campaigns, discover opportunities for upselling/cross-selling, and drive strategic decisions.

But how do you get the most out of your CRM investment? Here are some of the best strategies to maximize the value of your CRM software.

1. Pick the Most Suitable CRM

CRM software is a huge investment. That means your choice matters a lot. If you choose a corporate CRM when what you really need is a CRM software for small business, then you’ll end up spending more than you should.

Aside from that, you’re left with advanced features that you don’t need and get stuck with a contract that won’t let you transfer to another vendor unless you pay a hefty fee. Simply put, the wrong CRM system will cost you more than money. It’s going to be a waste of time and resources as well.

Once you have decided to get a CRM for your business, take into consideration the needs of your organization. Do you require an enterprise-grade sales CRM with all the features? Or will basic functionality with the ability to scale suffice for the time being?

Are you running a restaurant and hoping to become the most successful restaurateur? You’re not going to achieve that if you use a CRM designed for retail instead of one that is built for your business.

There are many questions you need to answer before you make a critical decision. It’s imperative that you evaluate all the options available before you select the CRM platform that best suits your business.

2. Train Your Staff on How to Use CRM Software

At the hands of an expert martial artist, even the lowly frying pan can be transformed into a lethal weapon. When your CRM software is handled by employees with little or no CRM training or experience, it becomes a mere filing system for your customers’ information. An expensive filing system at that.

If you want to maximize the value of your CRM investment, then you need to invest in training your employees on how to fully leverage the software and unleash its full potential. Provide basic software training for beginners and then schedule regular retraining and testing to ensure that the knowledge and skills they acquire are retained.

According to Nucleus Research, companies that invested in CRM experience an average return of $8.71 per each dollar spent. Do you believe you can achieve such a high return on your investment (or more) if your employees don’t know how to utilize your CRM software?

3. Invest In Mobile CRM

Mobile-based CRM systems are on the rise. Given the growing number of mobile users who are also existing customers or potential leads, it is only logical that salespeople adopt a mobile-based CRM approach to stay in touch with clients and leads. You can even accomplish optimizing forms for lead generation with most of these tools.

Sales reps are not always glued in front of their computers and usually move around. By utilizing mobile CRM software, they can engage and interact with their clients and prospects anywhere, anytime, using any device. This affords sales reps more opportunities to market, sell, upsell, and cross-sell.

A recent research by Innoppl Technologies found that 65% of salespeople who adopted mobile CRM strategies successfully met their quotas. In contrast, 78% of sales reps who did not use CRM failed to reach their sales targets.

Sales reps with mobile CRM can access customer information with their mobile devices. This makes it easy for users to tailor and personalize their approach per prospect. Thus, increasing their chances of closing more sales and making more deals.

Speaking of mobile, influencer marketing is also gaining serious traction. Mobile and social media both play a huge part in the success of many influencer-based campaigns. The benefits of influencer marketing clearly present an argument but with the negative stigma that is associated with quite a few influencers, this type of marketing approach should be handled with caution.

Never Ignore CRM Onboarding

When you engage your customers and prospects in multiple channels and touchpoints, it is essential that you have accurate information on hand to deliver top-class personalized service and experience. But as you gather customer information from various data sources, both offline and online, how do you ensure every bit of data is precise?

This is where CRM onboarding comes in. CRM onboarding is a rigorous process of matching customer data from different data sets. More specifically, it links offline data with online attributes.

How does CRM onboarding benefit your business? In more ways than one! A successful CRM onboarding means sales reps and marketers have the full confidence to design, create, and deliver personalized customer experience per client or prospect.

Since a customer’s offline information matches with the data sourced online, it helps marketers steer clear from the pitfalls of digital marketing. These pitfalls include contacting the wrong number or sending a follow-up email to the wrong address or offering prospects irrelevant products or services.

CRM onboarding prevents you from losing opportunities and gives you the accuracy you need to effectively and efficiently leverage customer data, boost your sales, and grow your business.

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