7 Ways Influencer Marketing is beneficial for your Restaurant

7 Ways Influencer Marketing is beneficial for your Restaurant

Influencer marketing: Well I hope it’s not a new term for you because when we talk about the term “marketing” social media and digital marketing is always on the top. Today 90% of youth is on social media. Here will be discussing influencer marketing in a restaurant and what are the advantages of endorsing influencer for marketing in depth. So Let’s continue.

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What is Influencer marketing?

Why Influencer marketing is important?

Is Influencer marketing really beneficial for restaurant owners?

Influencer marketing is a digital form of word of mouth marketing that focuses on key leaders to derive business and build brand image. Before social media existed people used to do marketing in the following way (still using) –

“You should check out the new burger outlet near my office, they have amazing cheeseburger I have ever had. Go and try once”

Today’s Word of mouth marketing looks something like that –

benefits of influencer marketing

What is Influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a kind of online marketing that involves endorsement from people and company who have a high level of expertise and a better social influence in a respected industry. They spread your brand awareness among their followers and get paid for the same.

Benefits of Influencer marketing
Benefits of Influencer marketing

It generally goes with two forms of marketing; social media marketing or content marketing. In social media, marketing influencer is expected to create an engaging post on the social platform to spread the words. Content marketing involves creating a blog, vlog which include a brand name indirectly or which is spreading words about the brand.

Let’s explore a few examples of influencer marketing through their personal channel on the different social media platform –

examples influencer marketing
facebook word of mouth marketing
Source: Influenex

See how influencers are using their own tactics to advertise a brand through social media channels, mainly Instagram marketing is on the top, it may vary according to the niche, purpose and audience.

9 stats that prove influencer marketing or social media marketing is a game-changer –

81% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are impacted by their friends’ social media posts. (Forbes)

93% of consumers admit that online restaurant reviews influence their decisions (Forbes)

84% of consumers trust online recommendations (inc.com)

75% of consumers use Facebook to decide a restaurant to eat out (Social Media Monthly).

6 out of 10 teenagers Follow Advice From Influencers Over Celebrities (digitalmarketinginstitute)

Facebook accounts for 50% of total social referrals and 64% of total social revenue. (Business Insider)

84% of millennials say user-generated content from strangers has at least some influence on what they buy. (Gartner)

49% of Consumers Depend on Influencer Recommendations

86% of Women take purchasing advice from Social Media

How is Influencer Marketing benefits the restaurant industry?

The restaurant industry is a kind of business the customers are highly influenced by recommendation. Now brands in the industry are more likely to pay to influencers for spreading awareness among people.

Here I am listed top benefits of influencer marketing –

1.Cost-Effective mode of Marketing

Influencers marketing cost less than high marketing promotion. Generally, influencers with over 100,000 followers have a higher return expectation than those whose followers are less than one lakh, now if you have a strict budget you can select micro-influencer rather than go for one or two elephant influencers who might charge a big amount.

2. Enhance your brand’s Social Presence

Building a strong presence of restaurant on social media is mandatory, Today’s youth prefer to see social media content of a restaurant before deciding to visit. When someone who has a strong online presence is spearing words or recommending your business on social media, it will impact on the people, urged them to open your brand’s page and visit your business profile. It may increase the chances of visits.

3. Create More Buzz

Suppose, if you are hosting an event, then influencers are the right people who generate more traffic through advertising about the event. This is sometimes much impactful than a celebrity as they are directly and personally connected to their audience. In such cases, locate the right micro-influencer for your restaurant with a fair amount of followers, this will easily set in your budget too.

4. Focused Marketing

Influencers connect with people on a personal level, every blogger first selects niche then start marketing activity on social media accordingly, based on that people follow them.

If you connect influencers match with relevant industry, you exactly convey your message to the right audience.
Relevance is key to focus on this kind of marketing. First, you have to be specific and choose influencers who are connected with your industry.

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5. Does not appear as Direct marketing

One of the major benefits of influencer marketing is it does not market directly, it shows like someone is recommending your business, people don’t feel pushy. It’s up to them to click on the content, go to the webpage or profile like or dislike etc. People self choose whether to see the content or not. There is no chance to seems like marketing and all.

When valuable content is spread by the influencer whom people trust, it becomes more valuable.

6. Derives quick customer acquisition

People who are already interested in your niche (food) take less time to get a convert (if you’re targeting the right ones) Since you are marketing through relevant influencer with a specific niche, the chances of conversation and positive response is much higher. 80% of marketer find influencer marketing profitable and result in oriented approach.

40% of people claim that their favourite youtube influencer understands them better as their best friends and they trust them more. This is clearly a profitable approach to marketing.

7. Foster Content Strategy

Creating engaging and unique content is not an easy task, if you are focusing on short content strategies, influencer marketing can be better to support it.

In such cases, influencers self-put their own efforts in creating authentic and creative content which seem trustworthy.

Conclusion –

The success of influencer marketing campaigns depends on the choice of the influencer. If you make the right selection of people, the result would be immense. After getting the right influencer to make long term professional relationship with them that is mutually beneficial.

Do you have any other benefits of influencer marketing? Let us know in the comment section, will appreciate your efforts and share it.

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