5 Key Questions (Must Include) in your Restaurant Customer Feedback Form

5 Key Questions (Must Include) in your Restaurant Customer Feedback Form


In the Restaurant business, Customer feedback is an essential tool for improving customer satisfaction. According to a search, 93% of customers find that customer service is necessary when deciding whether to visit a restaurant or not.

Many restaurants are asking for surveys nowadays to harvest valuable data points and feedback that can be used to make an impactful decision regarding how to design menus, operations, and customer service.

Regularly asking for customer feedback is one of the most powerful ways to set in motion ongoing improvements, Keep up with new trends, and also look forward to the competition.

In this era of 2023 where the rise of internet usage and social media, Around 35% of people post their feedback directly on an open public platform. Restaurant customer feedback not only helps you understand your customer opinion but also helps you drive your marketing strategy in a better way. You can post the most interesting feedback from your customer to social media accounts and impress your audience and stay ahead in the game.

However, not all feedback questions will get you the answer you want. You have to be very attentive to how you can phrase questions and ask your customer to give you an honest and valuable response.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 customer feedback questions a restaurant owner must include in the Feedback Form

Top 5 Questions you should include in your customer’s form

1. How often do you dine at our restaurant?

This is a good question to start with the survey, this will help you know whether the customer is a new one, a loyal customer, or an infrequent customer.

The multiple choice question should be categorized: “This is my first time”, “I visit here occasionally”, “I come by at least once in a month”,“I dine here every week”.

2. How did you discover our restaurant?

It question can help you figure out will marketing strategy is helping you out, if many of them answer “from social media” you should plan more marketing strategies to make them even more. You can also add more specific answer options if you want to test out the effectiveness of a promotion.

3. How would you rate the quality of our food?

This question will help you know whether people enjoyed your food or not, and if something needs to be added, you should start working on it.The rating for this question can vary from 1.(poor quality) to 5 (excellent quality)

4. How can we serve you better in the future?

This is a top question to ask for knowing more about your customers and what your customers are looking for. We can make them feel that their opinion matters. This can also help to get new ideas to add to the new menu in the future.

5. Did you use any of our discounts and special offers?

This type of restaurant marketing survey can help figure out whether your promotions are working or not.If you want feedback on specific feedback on promotions you can have multiple choice questions asking: “if yes which one?

Why go for a Digital feedback system over a Traditional paper-based feedback form

  1. Quick and easy to use: In digital feedback form the whole process is automated, which helps to gather feedback and data from customers very quickly and easily as compared to a paper-based feedback form. Bingage helps restaurants send automatic feedback via SMS/WhatsApp to customers to gather customer feedback and the data are automatically recorded into your system. 

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  1. Inexpensive: Using a digital feedback form is much cheaper than a paper-based form. You can ask for feedback from multiple customers at no other extra cost and can collect data from them in one go.
  1. High response rate: while using paper-based form customer have to fill out the form right after having their meal which sometimes doesn’t like the customer, but in a digital feedback system customers can give feedback according to their comfort which helps the restaurant owners to gain a high response from customers.
  1. Good customer insight: As customers can respond to your feedback from within their comfort zone there is more chance that they will give you honest and joyous responses about their experiences, which will lead to high-quality insights.
  1. High accuracy: As the feedback and data are automatically stored in the system there is a minimum chance of any error in online surveys which leads to highly accurate analysis of data and insights.


Running a restaurant without knowing what your customer thinks, and what are their expectations will never help you to grow your business. If you have to own a restaurant and not yet asked for feedback, it’s time to start now.

The right restaurant feedback questions will help you provide valuable information that will definitely help you boost profits and attract more people to visit your restaurant.

With the help of the Bingage App, you can start collecting feedback grom your customers on your website in a well-defined way.

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