WhatsApp Marketing for restaurant – The ultimate Guide

WhatsApp Marketing for restaurant – The ultimate Guide

The purpose of this Blog is to give you a quick and easy way to market your restaurant with WhatsApp. Do you want to start WhatsApp marketing in your business? Then this guide is surely for you, read how to start sending communication on WhatsApp & what are the ideas to use WhatsApp marketing for effective results and sales generation.

The WhatsApp Marketing for Restaurant is the most popular messaging app in the world. It has over 1 billion users and it is used by over 100 million people in India alone. That’s why we consider WhatsApp as a very effective and efficient platform for promoting your restaurant.

In this blog, We gonna read how to use promotional offers and discounts on WhatsApp as part of your strategy for getting more customers through the door.

WhatsApp Business:

WhatsApp Business for restaurant helps to create brand awareness, engage with target customers and derive sales. Having 2 million users around the world Whatsapp business marketing is the best way to communicate more efficiently with your customers, and help your business to grow.

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Types of WhatsApp Marketing Messages

A) Broadcast messages:

A  message that is sent to multiple people in your subscriber list at once, with just a click in WhatsApp, is called a broadcast message. In which the recipients will see the message in their personal chat with you and will be able to reply back to start a conversation with your brand 1:1

 Here, is the list when you can use Whatsapp broadcast message:

  • Running site-wide offers.
  • Launching a new product.
  • Sharing tips, or content valuable for your audience.
  • Send update regarding any technical issues.

Automated messages:

Whatsapp messages that are sent to people based on a special event or action taken by them on the WhatsApp chat or on websites are called automated messages. They are automatically sent, you don’t have to press ‘send’ each time a message is to be sent. 

Bingage Helps businesses to send automated marketing campaign on whatsapp –
To bring back lost customers.
To send birthday/anniversary wishes
To send reward program communication
To ask for customer feedback
To run Refer N Earn campaign

For Example:

A welcome message — a message sent immediately after someone signs to receive messages from you on WhatsApp —  automated messages. This is a great staring point for impressive your customers.

WhatsApp Marketing Ideas For A Restaurant

WhatsApp is one of the messaging platforms which is widely used by everyone in this whole world. Introducing our restaurant menus and ambiance to WhatsApp can make more success to our restaurant. 

Here are some Whatsapp marketing ideas you should know about:

  1. Send the restaurant menu on WhatsApp
  2. Promote Restaurant Loyalty Program
  3. Share offers and discount coupons
  4. Ask your customers to review the restaurant on WhatsApp

1. Send The Restaurant Menu on Whatsapp

Promote menu on WhatsApp: you must have seen QR codes that redirects customers to a particular menu link on WhatsApp. It helps customers to check the menu & get orders.

2. Promote customer Loyalty Programs: 

Promote Loyalty programs on whatsapp, Bingage helps restaurant to send effective whatsapp marketing campaign to customers to get more attention and conversions. It helps to promote restaurant loyalty program effectively to increase your customer base and generate more sales.

3. Share offers and discount coupons

Create custom coupons and discounts for customers and promote through WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Bingage helps retails and restaurant business with creating coupons and send automated WhatsApp communication to customers with a CTA (call to action).
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4. Ask your customers to review the restaurant on WhatsApp

Gathering Customer feedback with a digital system helps to collect valuable database as well as This gives an opportunity to show the people that you care about them, and that you want them to be happy when they are at your restaurant. If you have a good relationship with your customers, then this can help you in many ways.

Customer Feedback Template for SMS or Whatsapp-

Hi [customer name],

I am a restaurant owner and I noticed that you visited our restaurant yesterday. I’d love if you could rate us on WhatsApp! It’s easy, Click on the link below – <Bingage Feedback URL>
Your feedback will help me improve my business and make your dining experience better every time you visit. Thanks!

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 Key Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing 

WhatsApp was launched as an application for personal communication, but the growing popularity of the app, its ease of use, and the great responsiveness of customers make it useful for marketing purposes.

  • Better customer engagement: Customer engagement is highly important for any kind of business marketing ans so whatsapp is the best tool.  Whatsapp offers direct communication between customers and and business representatives.
  • Promotions and advertising : WhatsApp is also good for promotions and advertising for your business. For advertising you can share attractive brochures of  your business which tells the information for your business, or any offers or discounts ads, any changes in the menu or food, specialties, combos etc. you can update your customers by using WhatsApp.
  • Marketing survey: Through WhatsApp you can inform your customers about the new dishes, discounts, offers etc. Marketing survey is also similar to advertising and promotion as in this too you share menus and brochures of your restaurant. You can seek the attention of your customers by sharing eye catching videos and pictures of dishes and drinks on your whatsapp status, or by sharing them personally or in groups.
  • Building of team: Your employees can share new ideas, thoughts, problems, or even team building activities. You can build a team by having excellent communication with WhatsApp marketing., and all the features that makes the chat easy.


And WhatsApp marketing is the best promotion strategy for restaurants across the world. It makes the relationships between restaurants and customers strong and steady.
If you want to start Whatsapp marketing in restaurant, START NOW with Bingage. Send Automated whatsapp campaign to customers, convert more, increase customer retention, get higher engagement and boost sales.

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