Cloud-Based Restaurant POS- A Game Changer for the Industry

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS- A Game Changer for the Industry

Cloud-based restaurant POS software means ditching the current system completely and doing the same traditional transaction with the use of desktop, tablets and mobile devices. A restaurant pos system helps to manage business operation efficiently including, billing, inventory management, cost management, kitchen display, KOTs etc.

In this article, we will discuss –

a) What is the Restaurant POS System?

b) What are the features of the best pos for a restaurant?

c) What is the main advantage of Point of sale system?

It is a modernised system equipped with features which provide your restaurant with the efficiency, competitive advantage and one-solution for all the operational challenges of your restaurant.

POS systems not only helpful for operational activities but also provide a database for long-term marketing campaigns like a restaurant loyalty program, CRM solutions and customer retention.

What is Restaurant POS Software

POS systems basically function the daily task of a restaurant and initially, in traditional pos, it was only a restaurant billing software that used only for accepting orders and generating a receipt.

Now the cloud-based pos system is in trend which facilitates billing, Reporting & Analytics, inventory management, Customer Relationship Management and more. It reduces time and efforts and simplifies the task.

What are the features of a point of sale system

1.Easy to Access – A Simple and easy to understand the point of sale system can be easily used by both server and the manager, anyone having a common tech knowledge can access. Go for the top 10 pos systems for restaurants in India and select the best which can fulfil your business objective. Which should have Ease-to-use feature.

2. Payment process – Great restaurant billing software have multiple payment options, one can use several payment methods, online payments, if a person wants to split bill they can, if they want to tip differently they can, pos software provide more convenient.

3. Easy online integration – Modern pos system can be easily integrated with other marketing automation software like accounting software, CRM Software, you can integrated with online food delivering platforms etc.

Why your business needs a point of sale –

Let’s read how a pos software for restaurant solves the managerial and operational task of your restaurant :

1. Encourage customer relationship management –

Cultivate a strong relationship with the customer is a primary task of an owner that can be done with the help of the best pos system for a restaurant.

A. When you have multiple outlets then you can manage a central database and segment customers based on geographic and demographic factors.

B. Once you have a database of customer, you can segment them on the basis of their purchasing behaviour and send them targeted SMS to inform about your restaurant event, current offers and discounts.

2. Build Customer Loyalty

Restaurant loyalty programs are a great way to increase customer retention. When you have a customer database you can use to retain both your existing and new customers.

Customer Loyalty is a major part of the success of any restaurant and system integrated with CRM helps to run customer loyalty programs and target the customer.

 A restaurant POS software allows you to concentrate on keeping your customers happy

A restaurant POS software allows you to concentrate on keeping your customers happy by managing promotions.

3. Tight Control Over Stock & Inventory

Not having a sharp eye on your stock section could be the biggest mistake that you are doing. It helps you to avoid inventory management mistakes.

A. Works as a Restaurant inventory management system and allows recording of stock details which reduces the chances of any discrepancy.

B. Keep track of the amount of stock consumed while preparing dishes. Some of pos systems enable figuring out details amount of stock use

C. Because of it enables smooth functioning, it reduces negative online reviews.

Restaurant inventory management

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4. Real-Time Reports

Being an owner, may you have a lot of work and not able to visit the restaurant physically. That doesn’t mean you depend on the restaurant manager for all the operations and sales reports.

With the help of a Restaurant pos software, you can get a detailed report of sales, customers, expenditure and revenue.

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A. Cloud-based pos software assists you with the detailed report of sales and operational part.
B. POS mobile app allowed you to operate the whole system on the move.

5. Inter-departmental Communication

Communication among department, staff, managers and owner is vital for smooth running. A POS system unites inventory management with the ordering computer screen.

This allows you to track real-time, whether the product is available or not before giving any commitment to your customers. The best Restaurant pos software will ensure that your restaurant is updated and not lacking behind your competitors.


Hence, restaurant management software reduces your paperwork and physical efforts which automatically bring smoothness in operational work. It strengthens your restaurant management system. Managing all the database in with one system control damages and poor inventory system. There are several kinds of pos software available online, you can select the best restaurant pos software according to your budget and objective.

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