6 Ways You Can Attract New Customers in Your Restaurant

6 Ways You Can Attract New Customers in Your Restaurant

Do you feel like your customer traffic is declining a bit? You need to explore ways to attract customers at restaurant which instantly boost your revenue.

Serving delicious food is not enough sometimes as a restaurant owner one must have done some extraordinary things to stand ahead of the crowd. There are a lot of people doing the same shitty things for better customer engagement and increase sales but only 30 to 40% hardly get success.
The very first job is to attract customer with an extreme new method then if after that the first job is to satisfy them and then keeping them engage with you.

How you can attract more and more customers

I am sharing some powerful techniques by which you can attract more customer to your outlet. I hope this would be effective for your restaurant.

1. Let your locals identify you

Grab awareness among locals about your business, Ask some of the questions from you – do your locals understand about your Restaurant, do they really know what you are serving etc. For this, the primary task of you is to do restaurant marketing in the context of your social customers. You can take of city bloggers to advertise or promote your business.

2. Special Days offer

Are you currently offering something special on a particular day? This is a popular technique to target customers especially between 20 to 35, People like something different so you can go for this method, You can select a certain dish, and offer it for 50% or BOGO or anything depending upon customer’s demands.

3. Start Referral marketing campaigns

The idea of referral marketing is based on the marketing of product and service by existing customers & giving them rewards in exchange.
A restaurant marketing software serves the restaurant to design an easy and engaging restaurant referral program which will help to bring new customers as well as delight the current one.

4. Include Outdoor Seating

If you have the ability to add outdoor seating, You can place a few tables at the outside of the restaurant, it will attract customer as well as look better. It stimulates your customers to sit there which directly draw the attention of new customers.
It gives benefit to the potential customer as they walk by your restaurant, they might be interested in planning a dinner. Advertise your new seating arrangement with an attractive signboard.

5. Introduce a Customer Loyalty Program

Plan a profitable restaurant customer loyalty program which enables customer retention as well as keep your customer engagement. Proving Cash-back wallet system is in trend, people are giving cashback rewards to their customer on making purchases.

Go for a customer loyalty program that can delight your customer.


6. Customised Offer

Instead of giving the same offer to everyone, try customised offer based on their purchasing behaviour. A CRM for Restaurant helps you to identify likes and disliked and other preferences of the customer which will help a person to target the right people at the right time. Read How CRM helps to boost Restaurant sales.


Golden Tips –

Send Auto-greeting to your customers, Send birthday and special day wish with a FREEBIE. Something that can catch their attention towards your Restaurant. It’s a superb idea to recall customer, maybe he or she bring a new customer to you.

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