Top 10 Diwali Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurant in 2021

Top 10 Diwali Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurant in 2021

Diwali is around the corner!!!
We are sure as a restaurant owner, you must be finding some fruitful marketing ideas to catch the attention of your audience with the purpose to boost revenue.
But it should be easy and effective. Right? Read the blog to the end you’ll get amazing insights on what you can do this Diwali to attract more customers & make higher revenue.

After the pandemic, people are ready to celebrate the new normal wali Diwali, as per a study by a Business Insider, 50% of customers are likely to increase their spending on festivals this year.

No matter what type of restaurants you are running, the festive season is always a great time to come up with creative restaurant marketing ideas for Diwali.

So gear up, this is the best time to come up with Diwali marketing ideas that can actually work for your business. You don’t need to do something big but a small creative step can change history!

Without wasting time, let’s start with a few unique and easy ideas that you can adopt-

1. Leverage Social Media Marketing

Social media is the best way to market and reach the target audience. Plan some of the best Diwali offers and start advertising prior one or two weeks from the festival.

According to a report, There are 3.4 billion active users is on social media. Restaurant Social Media marketing is important to attract a target audience as 75% of visit social media before deciding on a restaurant to eat a. Festivals like Diwali is the best time to showcase your brand among the people like following –

Restaurant marketing ideas for diwali - Facebook Marketing

2. Video marketing is in trend

Videos gain more attention! We also love to watch more than reading.
Make an attractive video whether it is based on Diwali, Based on your food theme, any kind of educational video like a recipe or something else which can attract your buyer and attach them emotionally. Instagram Reels & Stories are the trending & easiest ways for brand promotion.
Trust me, People like original content and if you provide them with something beneficial they will definitely like and follow your brand.

3. Target Bulk Size

Festivals are the season that makes a family together, which means to be celebrated among the group. It is the time when families collect and eat together and enjoy the time. Make it more special for them.

Example – 50% discount on the billing of 5000, (Minimum persons should be 5) You can decide whatever percentage of discount you wanna give the customers. In the festive seasons, people look for the best Diwali offer, offering them attractive discounts would be great for your brand.

4. Offer them Loyalty

Giving out cashback as a loyalty reward is the best way to attract customers, don’t lose the opportunity to convert a one-time customer to your long-term customers, offer your guest the best possible cashback rewards.

Reward programs are the best way to make it possible, which simply helps the owner to make the customers smile and feel their purchase is worth it.

5. Send Personalised Campaigns

This Diwali, send an automated personalised SMS campaign to each of your customers, personalised means by their ‘first name’. Do you know, that sending SMS/ Emails by name increases the open rate by 26%

Benefit of automated personalised SMS campaign marketing

Along with the SMS, Send special Diwali dining offers for families, friends. Plan a marketing campaign, create Diwali offers templates and send it with attractive messages.

All in one restaurant marketing software

6. Offer Freebies

Festivals especially Diwali is all about spreading happiness. Offer free complimentary sweets to your special customers as a gift. What you can do is provide a complimentary sweet dish with the customer’s order. This will create a different gesture and help with customer relationship management.

7. Run online Contest

Create customer engagement, this is the best time to showcase your brand by trying up creative campaigns and online activities.
Run online contest on social media, free giveaways campaigns, and plan attractive social media campaigns to increase footfall.

Here is an example of an online Diwali contest by a restaurant –

the best diwali marketing ideas for restaurant - Run online contest

8. Offer Customised Coupon Voucher

Plan customised coupon code for the customers that they can use this Diwali, instead of giving the same coupon code to each and everyone, make it personalised for special customers –
Example – Kumar212 and khushi201 and more.

9. Purchase-based Rewards

Offer cashback according to the purchase amount of the particular customers. What you can do is, Plan different packages like –

10. Host Diwali Events

This idea will suitable if you have enough budget and place. You can plan a social event or kind of workshop to generate a crowd.
For example – you can host a special Sweet making workshop on the occasion of Diwali for ladies and invite them to come with minimum registration charges. Like 100 or 150.

So Above are some of the best restaurant marketing ideas you can use this Diwali and make your brand stand out of the box.


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