Top 10 Diwali Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurant in 2022

Top 10 Diwali Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurant in 2022

Diwali is around the corner!!!
People enjoy this festival with family members and friends, sharing gifts and sweets. But apart from socializing and many other things, what would it be if we could turn this festival into a profitable thing for us? Hence I have summed up some of the best Diwali marketing ideas for your business in the year 2022.

Without wasting time, let’s start with a few unique and easy ideas that you can adopt-

1. Leverage Social Media Platform

Social media is the best way to market and reach the target audience. Plan some of the best Diwali offers and start advertising prior to one or two weeks before the festival.

According to a report, There are 3.4 billion active users on social media. Restaurant Social Media marketing is important to attract a target audience as 75% of visit social media before deciding on a restaurant to eat a. Festivals like Diwali is the best time to showcase your brand among the people like following –

Restaurant marketing ideas for diwali - Facebook Marketing

2. Show your product in action through Reels and Videos

Videos and reels gain more attention! We also love to watch more than read.

Social media users, in general, love stories that connect with them, Tagging and mentioning them with pictures. So, you need to tell a story through your social media posts using photos, videos, animated gifs, reels, and other forms of content. This will show your products in a much more productive way.

To make an impressive impact on social media, you need to “show how your products run” instead of just telling people how great it is. In short, you have to advertise your product.              

For example, a food brand can post sumptuous images of dishes, and recipes that can be made with their special ingredients on Diwali. The brand can go as far as expressing the perfect occasion to enjoy the dish. It’s one of the effective approaches to connect better with the audience.  Trust me, People like original content and if you provide them with something beneficial they will definitely like and follow your brand.

3. Target Bulk Size

Festivals are the season that makes a family together, which means to be celebrated among the group. It is the time when families collect and eat together and enjoy the time. Make it more special for them.

Example – 50% discount on the billing of 5000, (Minimum persons should be 5) You can decide whatever percentage of discount you wanna give the customers. During the festive seasons, people look for the best Diwali offer and presenting them with attractive discounts would be great for your brand.

4. Offer them Loyalty

Giving out cashback as a loyalty reward is the best way to attract customers, don’t lose the opportunity to convert a one-time customer into your long-term customer, offer your guest the best possible cashback rewards.

Reward programs are the best way to make it possible, which simply helps the owner to make the customers smile and feel their purchase is worth it.

5. Send Personalised Campaigns

This Diwali, send an automated personalised SMS campaign to each of your customers, personalised means by their ‘first name’. Do you know, that sending SMS/ Emails by name increases the open rate by 26%

Benefit of automated personalised SMS campaign marketing

Along with the SMS, Send special Diwali dining offers for families, and friends. Plan a marketing campaign, create Diwali offers templates and send it with attractive messages.

All in one restaurant marketing software

6. Offer Freebies

Festivals especially Diwali is all about spreading happiness. Offer free complimentary sweets to your special customers as a gift. What you can do is provide a complimentary sweet dish with the customer’s order. This will create a different gesture and help with customer relationship management.

You can also give freebies according to your restaurant’s budget – gifts can be offered at the time of billing. For example, one can offer a free set of candles on the occasion of Diwali while bidding their customers goodbye.

7. Hosting Online Contest

This Diwali 2022 try giveaways and host online contests. This will not only help spread awareness about the brand among different social media users but also engage them with the brand. It’s a customer engagement technique that works like magic!

Like: This Diwali Win a FREE Voucher of Rs. 1000. Post a selfie with your family celebrating Diwali, Tag @yourbrand in the story and the best one will get the Free Voucher.
2. Win FREE Diwali merchandise, Follow @yourbrand, Tag any 3 friends in the comment section with #yourbrandspecialhashtag.
The winner will be announced on <Particular Date>

Here is an example of another online Diwali contest by a restaurant

the best diwali marketing ideas for restaurant - Run online contest

8. Offer Customised Coupon Voucher

Special deals and vouchers during the Diwali season will make your customers happy as everybody likes something extra – It also keeps your customers engaged. How about giving your customers loyalty programs extra vouchers or weekly discounts during the Diwali Season?

 Remember it’s important to value your regular customers and loyal customers and keep them intact by rewarding them back equally. What you have to do is to identify a few customers, whom you think are your probable regular customers, and target them with special offers & discount coupons through

Plan customised coupon codes for the customers that they can use this Diwali, instead of giving the same coupon code to each and everyone, make it personalised for special customers –

Example – Kumar212 and khushi201 and more.

9. Purchase-based Rewards

Offer cashback according to the purchase amount of the particular customers. What you can do is, Plan different packages like –

10. Diwali Merchandise

The idea is especially for bakeries + cafe types of eateries. Including Diwali merchandise can be a good option to generate some extra bucks during the festive season. People often gift merchandise such as chocolates, cookies, and cute decorative merchandise as festival gifts to family and friends. 
Try to add a few eye-catchy items that grab your customer’s attention. 

diwali gift ideas for family and friends
Image from Garden Bakery Lucknow

Take Away

If you’re looking to benefit from those festivities and make more money in the process, we hope our list of ten ways to do that was helpful. While all of these have been proven to work, you should use your own initiative when making important business decisions. Ultimately, the success of your business is up to you. The best way to ensure success is constant research and a trial-and-error approach, where you experiment with different techniques and implement those that yield positive results.

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