10 Restaurant Social Media Marketing Tips (With Fresh Content Ideas)

10 Restaurant Social Media Marketing Tips (With Fresh Content Ideas)

Well, social media is a quite familiar term for everyone!

When it comes to building a marketing strategy to increase restaurant business sales, social media and online marketing is an unavoidable element.
These days social media marketing is utilised by almost every business, but all tactics of online marketing do not work for all kind of business.
Now the question is…then what will work for a restaurant?

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When we talk about social media for restaurants, there are several factors to keep in mind while planning like…
What content to post?
How to write about it?
and how to take photos that are customer-friendly
and proper social media monitoring. (Look at the bottom of the article for fresh restaurant Social Media Content Ideas)

Each Marketing planning starts with the study and analytics, one must be strong numbers as well, look at the general social media statistics, which surely give a sharp idea about audience behaviour on social media.

Social media marketing statistics 2019
Image Source

Why Having an online presence is important for the Restaurant –

First, we are uncovering crucial restaurant industry statistics to let you know the importance of having an online presence for the restaurant.

93% of consumers admit that online restaurant reviews influence their decisions (Forbes)

84% of consumers trust online recommendations (inc.com)

75% of consumers use Facebook to decide a restaurant to eat out (Social Media Monthly).

68% of consumers are ready to spend more than 15% for the same product or service if they are convinced they will have a satisfying experience.

10 Tips to Be outstanding on Social Media

Let the world know you exist. Prove your place is better than your competitor’s. Make them stop by following these restaurant social media marketing tips

1. Don’t leave your social media profile Incomplete

Restaurant social media marketing begins with the basic task of creating a professional profile on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Facebook and Instagram, these two are primary focused account but you also need to create an account on Twitter, Pinterest also.

proper on Instagram like this –

Image Source

Your all social profile should all information related to business, short description, website, address and on facebook upload menu of your restaurant.
A proper restaurant social media profile create a positive impact on the public as well as develop a unique branding.

2. Post-Eye-catchy Photos

Posting attractive visual content grabs the attention of viewers.

If your dishes look good, people start noticing it.

Make sure do not post fake photos, only post the real pictures of your dishes with high resolution, that will look great and can attract viewers.

Take a look at this picture posted by Mitti Cafe Indore

mitti cafe Indore

Buffer ( A great social media managing tool) presents some interesting numbers on the importance of good images with content –

A. Text with good visual content get 94% more views

B. What people retain is..80% what they see, 20% what they read and 10% what they hear.

According to Canva ( an online graphic designing tool)
Facebook posts with images receive 2.3 times more engagement than without image.

You need to show off what you are serving.

3. Be Interactive with people

Only creating a Facebook profile is not enough, you must have to participate, engage and communicate with people by adopting different techniques like you can ask questions, organise online events, competitions etc.

like recently mother’s day has gone, many restaurants organised mother’s day parties and events to engage with people. You must have seen various online mother’s day advertisement by a restaurant to invite buzz.

I am sharing one of them here –

mother's day party at restaurant
Image Source

4. Online contest boost engagement

I have already mentioned in the 3rd point, organise a social contest that can attract viewers and encourage them to respond. It grows closer relationships with customers and increases customer retention. This type of contest having monitory benefits engage the audience and influences them to participate.

social media online content example

5. Emojis creates a personal touch

Emojis create a touch when you use emojis within the text it relates and develops emotions.

Data from Zazzle media reveals that social media posts having emojis got 57% more likes, 33% more comments and 33% high share rating.

Amazing right?? A positive emojis with text influence human emotions and attracts them. There is so many food emojis available that you can use, but use them in a reasonable amount.

6. Run Facebook Ads

This is a great marketing tool for a restaurant that provides better targeting option with less cost.
Facebook statistics clearly showing that around 2.7 billion people use Facebook. It is a massive platform where you can advertise all around the world with less cost than advertising on newspaper, radio and other traditional media.

7. Re-share Customer’s Content

Social media is the best platform to encourage influencers to market your brand. many people are doing influencer marketing on Instagram. Share user-generated content and tag them into your post. Encourage user to share pictures of their food of your restaurant, you can also run hashtag campaign for promotion.

8. Collect Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is valuable for the restaurant for long term success. You should analyse customer’s online reviews about your restaurant and mentions. Restaurants receive both negative and positive reviews, an important thing to consider is to know how to respond to online reviews.

Customer feedback software for restaurants can help you with this. Try it Now.

9. Use of Hashtags

Post with hashtags gets 70% more likes on social media. Hashtags allow the user to find your content. For example, if you are posting a food picture, you must include trending hashtags for food. Social media agency uses a social media monitoring tool to get insights on trending hashtags. Using relevant and trending hashtags improves views and engagement.

10. Use Social Media Monitoring ‘

Analysis of performance and activities on social media is important to plan future moves and social media marketing strategies.
Social media monitoring tools help to get insight into your online reputation.
it is best in –

Finding new customers

Reputation management

Analyzing trending hashtags

Overall brand social presence management

Fresh Content Ideas for Restaurants Social Media Marketing

restaurant Social Media marketing content ideas

Conclusion – Social media marketing is an important part of the growth of restaurants, I hope these ideas would help you to boost your social reputation, revenue growth and get customers for your business

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