Brands Brought their Witty Marketing Campaign Over #RahulBose Banana Moment – Hotel Taj Stole the whole Game!!!

Brands Brought their Witty Marketing Campaign Over #RahulBose Banana Moment – Hotel Taj Stole the whole Game!!!

On July 22, the actor Rahul bose shared a video on Twitter explaining how JW Marriott charged Rs 442.50 for two bananas only. After that tweet, it took a huge response within hours and goes viral among tweetarians. Let’s See How renowned brands came up with their own marketing strategies over the banana campaign.

All it started from here –

Then all the big brands from the tech brands, hospitality industries, and grocery retailers, brought with their unique marketing campaign over this topic. Let’s see how they all captured viewers eye –

Grocery retailers like Reliance, Nature’s Basket and Mother Dairy joined the moment on social media, they asked followers to go for affordable buying instead of paying 442 for two bananas.

Reliance Smart

Mother Dairy

Nature’s Basket

Then hospitality brands joined the trend Ola, Oyo rooms urged people that they can get a whole room instead of paying 442 for just two bananas.

When everyone is joining the trend, Here is what Amazon Prime brought 😛

Insurance company policy bazaar also created their marketing campaign motivating people to protect their family with a financial security plan.

Now the king of all above campaign, A new post went viral on the internet on Friday and Twitter, which goes viral among all tweeter users and on social media after the Rahul bose banana moment –

Deepak Shenoy, the founder of a corporate, tweeted that included an announcement by Hotel Taj got a huge response because of its perfect timing. It said that “Taj will be “delighted” to serve seasonal fruits while offering compliments”

It generated huge likes, comments and retweets saying “wah Taj” Then within movements, people start giving a response –

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