Meet These 5 Earth Heroes from India Working Hard to Save Our Planet

Meet These 5 Earth Heroes from India Working Hard to Save Our Planet

We are extremely busy with our daily routine that we do not even notice that we are living on the limited resources on the earth. We sometimes come across with people working for the environment and earth, not for any interest, but for the sake of people, because they feel a sense of responsibility towards society and nature.

There are few but they do exist, here we are telling their inspiring stories how well they are working to save our planet.

Here’s a few of them.  

1.Afroz Shah- A lawyer who cleaned mega trash from Versova beach

afroz shah - versova beach cleanup

Afroz Shah, a lawyer based in Mumbai, he is an ocean lover, took responsibility to clean 5 million kg trash from Versova beach. He started this mission in 2015, later it took the biggest cleaning revolution among citizens and as world biggest beach cleanup mission. It took 85 weeks to clean 5 million freakin including plastics, & garbage.

2. Anil Malhotra and his wife Pamela Gale Malhotra Spent 26 years to replant a Forest

Pamela and Dr Anil Malhotra

They own India’s only private wildlife sanctuary, but the story behind this is incredible. It took decades to get where it is today. They work hard to get back this beauty of nature. According to Pamela “When we first came, most of the lands that were sold to us, have broken lands. Abandoned rice fields, coffee, and cardamom too. It took a lot of hard work and care, so many month and years to get it back”
Now from 1991, it looks just amazing now. Hat’s off to their hard work and dedication towards nature.

3.  Lalita Mukati – A lady from village who supported organic agricultural practices.

Lalita Mukati - A lady from village who supported organic agricultural practices.

It is easy for one farmer to give up chemical farming but not easy to push every farmer to renounce chemical farming and go for organic right? It takes guts to convince farmers to adopt chemical-free farming, which Lalita Mukati has done fantastically.

After handling over 36 acres of land chemical-free herself only, Lalita established a women’s association of 21 farmers. Now they created awareness of the benefits of organic farming which strongly need to conserve the environment.

According to Lalita,
What originally Encouraged me to take a move toward organic farming was the prevalence of diseases due to intake of food grown chemically.

4.  Kalpana Ramesh – Rain Water Harvesting

kalpana ramesh rain water harvesting

The time when she was in Bengaluru, the problem of water shortage is something that forced Kalpana Ramesh to bring a revolution to “SAVE WATER”

This influenced her to begin a move by herself. She started with rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling at home. The condition is personally changed by this move, Then she motivated others to take a step for water conservation.

So far, she successfully convinced about 200 families to choose rainwater-harvesting for water conversation. Now, she is working with various communities and working hard to spread awareness on the problem of water shortage.

5. Chinu Kwatra – 24 Hours Epic Cleanup

Source – The better India

Over 200 tonnes of garbage is recovered by 1500+ volunteers in 24 hours… Sounds difficult right??

Meet this social worker from thane who made it happen!

We know festivals are excellent, but the massive trash which left behind after every annual Ganesha Festival influenced Chinu Kwatra for this move.

What could anyone do for this that is why Mr Chinu Created the term “Beach Warriors”

Beginning with Dadar beach cleanup in 2017, where the Beach Warriors accomplished clearing 300 tonnes of garbage within 45 weeks, after that, they moved to Worli, where Chinu successfully achieved a huge 24-hour cleanup!

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