The Shocking Response When KFC gone “Vegetarian”

The Shocking Response When KFC gone “Vegetarian”

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) partnered with Beyond Meat experimented the first Plant-Based fried mock-chicken called “Beyond fried Chicken” in Atlanta and the result they got is really surprising…

KFC with Beyond meat Tested plant-based fried chicken which is called Beyond Fried chicken in Atlanta which is sold out in about five hours only, Which surprised the brand. They revealed that the vegan fried chicken sold out in five hours is equivalent of what we sell KFC chicken popcorn in one week.

Beyond Fried Chicken by KFC sold in five hours

What they did is, they painted the Parkway location in bright green and formed a Beyond Fried Chicken advertisement board to promote its vegan chicken option, as resulted it attracted a huge crowd covering around two city blocks and bumper-to-bumper cars.
That was amazing. Isn’t?

People Reacted on social media –

KFC's plant-based 'chicken' sold out in five hours
KFC sold out vegan fried chicken in five hours

This Beyond Fried Chicken is now available in Atlanta from 27 august 19 which is for a limited time period in the form of nuggets and the boneless fried chicken and the price is between USD1.99 (S$2.77) and USD12 (S$16.68).

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