5 Ways Restaurants Can Ensure Safe Online Food Delivery During COVID-19

5 Ways Restaurants Can Ensure Safe Online Food Delivery During COVID-19

While the government has given a clean chit to online food delivery partners to resume their operations, some misinformation regarding the safety of these services has made people consider it unsafe for health. 
Several restaurants are shifting to cloud kitchen takeaway and online delivery system to keep business going, but consumers are still curious about surrounding food delivery services, like:

* Is ordering food online is safe?
* Can corona spread through food ordered online. 

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People think that food from outside can cause of spreading the virus, However, According to a report by WHO, Cooked food is not a source of COVID-19

How Restaurants can provide safe online food delivery – 

5 Ways to Provide Safe Online Food Delivery During Covid-19

The high risk of coronavirus transmission is mostly linked with interacting with other people and contaminated surfaces. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) stated that there is no evidence that outside food consumption is associated with COVID-19 transmission. Still, being a responsible citizen and a restaurant business owner, it is important to consider best practices for safe online food delivery. 

Tips for the restaurant owners to ensure safe online food deliveries and take away services – 

1. Follow Safety guidelines 

It is important to follow the precautionary guidelines given by the health department. Make sure all of your employees working with mask and hand-gloves and washing their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. Keep a hand sanitiser available with at least 60% alcohol. 

Don’t allow employees who aren’t feeling well. The best way to stop the coronavirus to spread is to practice good hygiene.  

2. Go for Contactless delivery 

Several restaurants are now turning to contactless delivery to protect from the risk of the virus. If you are working through personal delivery partners, make sure to train them to maintain social distance. Ask customers specific direction to deliver the food at the doorstep or main gate. Instruct the riders to follow a strict protocol of wearing masks and hand gloves during the delivery process”. 

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3. Provide Extra training

At this time, provide extra training to your employees to follow all the necessary guidelines while working. Educate them about the importance of hygiene practices to protect from the virus. Every staff member should be properly trained and must know what they need to do what, when and how. 
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4. Assign a specific Takeout area 

As per the report by health department the virus circulates through sneezes, exhales and coughs in a form of droplet transmission, it is unlikely that the virus will spread through food unless some infected person will get in touch with another person. 

If you are providing takeaways make sure to assign a separate entry area for outsiders. Ask outsiders to sanitise their hands before touching anything. Put signage outside the door clearing everything from where they get takeaway orders with rules. 
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5. Develop a safe payment process

Develop a procedure to manage cash and credits transaction, if possible go for contactless payments prefer online transaction instead of cash. for online deliveries always prefer card payments rather than paying at the time of delivery. 

For the takeaway situation, arrange blocks, make a long tray to maintain give back change, provide receipts to maintain the 6 feet distance zone for the safety for the restaurant employee, the delivery person and the customer. Don’t forget to disinfect all the equipment timely.

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