How Personalised Marketing Helps to Improve customer Experiences in the Restaurant?

How Personalised Marketing Helps to Improve customer Experiences in the Restaurant?

Personalisation is not a trend…It’s a marketing tsunami” Restaurant personalised marketing is all about giving a customised experience to customers tailored according to their preferences and habits.

There is no need to mention the importance of proper marketing, one can’t survive for a long time in business if marketing activities are not up to the mark. Restaurants are using multi-channel marketing, restaurant email-marketing and many more. Personalised marketing and email- marketing are one of the tried-and-true strategies giving high business growth.

To be at the top of the competition, one must consistently innovate new marketing strategies and ideas for restaurants. Now businesses are paying attention towards customer relationship management and creating a personal touch with customers as it leaves long last impression on customer’s mind.

Thus running targeted campaigns by using customer’s database is the easiest option. Let’s understand what is personalise marketing and how our bingage helps restaurants to run

What is personalised/Targeted marketing

restaurant personalised marketing

Personalised marketing is about reaching consumers with different customised messages, rather than sending bulk SMS to everyone. Bingage enables personalise content based on different factors like location, spendings, interests or purchase history, visits, last billing amount.

It’s a marketing strategy to reach many consumers but each with a message that appears relevant and interesting on an individual level.

How Bingage CRM Helps to Run Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Restaurant CRM software will have a great impact on making your restaurant successful. You can use the data from the CRM and create innovative restaurant marketing campaigns that will ensure that you are never out of mind and sight of your customers.

Bingage Restaurant CRM software helps you capture customer data and segregates customers on the basis of filters/segments. With the make your filtering easy, you can even create segments by simply putting rules of segmentation.

You can sort your customer on the basis of their visit day, bill amount, last order etc. Suppose you want to know how many people visit on Wednesday, then you can simply know it by going to filters>visit day>Select day. For reference check Image 1 and image 2.

customer segmentation for target marketing image
Image 1
customer behaviour analysis crm software
Image 2

Bingage helps you to take a holistic view of customer interaction both before and after a visit to your restaurant. It can track customer preference, their purchasing history and spending habits which will help you to understand customer buying behaviour and design marketing customised marketing campaign.

Why personalised SMS marketing is good for Restaurant?

A high open rate makes SMS marketing campaigns one of the best restaurant marketing strategies. 

CRM helps to collect your customer’s number and make a rich database. Which helps in sending offers, instant updates, latest deals running at your restaurant, or about the latest event through SMS.

We are helping Restaurants to create personalized offers based on customer’s ordering habits and send custom targeted SMS which helps in customer retention.

Send Customised Greetings & Wishes –

Sending SMS greetings and wishes to your customers on their special events and festivals with a customized offer never fails to seize the attention of the customer. Also, it increases the chances of customer’s visits on their special occasion. Bingage helps restaurant owner to schedule SMS greetings 4 to 5 days before, then it will automatically send on the day you scheduled them SMS.

How does SMS scheduling help?

See In a busy schedule, where a Restaurant owner/ manager has several kinds of tasks to perform, it does not possible to remember birthdays and anniversaries to each and every customers. As human, it can’t possible right?

Bingage helping restaurant with SMS scheduling feature..It automatically shows how many birthdays and anniversaries are coming on this month. Gives a feature to schedule them good wishes with their name. There’s is a huge importance of using the customer’s name. Inviting the customer by the first name increases the rate of customer retention and makes upselling easy.

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