Marketing in Festive Season: How to Increase Restaurant Sales & Customers During Raksha Bandhan

Marketing in Festive Season: How to Increase Restaurant Sales & Customers During Raksha Bandhan

It’s that time of year again: Rakhi Festival!

Rakshabandhan is all about family and friendship. People come together to celebrate the festival of love and brotherhood. And when it comes to the festival season, you can’t afford to be complacent. You need to make sure your restaurant is as festive as possible this time of year— and that means catering to the needs of your customers.

The most important thing you can do for a restaurant during Rakshabandhan is to make sure your staff knows what’s going on. Your staff should know what special dishes are being offered and when they’ll be served (or else they might not show up) so that employees can plan accordingly.

To help you make the most of the festive season, here we are sharing easy yet unique Raksha Bandhan marketing ideas for restaurants –

1. Keep your festive menu Short & Simple – Introduce Combo, BOGO or Family Meal Offer

Create your festival menu very simple, short yet special. Pick the best dishes and make a festival special menu, remember to pick those dishes on the menu that can be prepared with less waiting time. It gonna help you to reduce burden & extra food wastage, manage costs, as well as customers, will be happier when you serve them tasty food on time.

Plan Rakhi special Restaurant offers like: Combo Meal offers are the best. Plan Family combo offer, BOGO offer, Freebies etc. Along with dine-in promotional offers for online ordering, most of the time, people prefer ordering food at home and enjoying it together with family.

When planning menus for this special occasion, keep things simple by offering traditional food items like paneer butter masala and gulab jamun with milk and sugar syrup instead of pizza or burgers—your guests will appreciate it much more!

2. Offer Loyalty Rewards & Gift Vouchers to your Customers – Give them a Reason to Return

People usually dine out on special days to make the day special.

See, everyone would be offering discounts during the festive season, you need to do something extraordinary to stand out from the crowd. Offer Cashback to customers for their next orders. Offer Recharge Vouchers people can gift to their brother or sister as Rakhi Gift.

Restaurant loyalty program not only helps to reward customer but it increases repeat purchase because when you give purchase rewards customers tend to make another visit to use the reward and to redeem it for the next order.
This will help you increase sales and profits significantly during this time since people tend to visit restaurants more often during holidays like Rakshabandhan, Diwali, Holi Etc. Or any special occasion. It’s time to make the festive time profitable by attracting more customers.

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3. Announce on Social Media – Let people know what you are offering

When people hear about how great your restaurant is going to be during this special event, they’ll definitely want to check it out. Make sure there are signs everywhere advertising that fact—and even better: let people know what they can expect from your restaurant by posting pictures on social media! You’ll get more eyes on your page and increase awareness of what makes you unique as well as helps in building a brand.
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4. SMS Marketing: Send Rakhi Special Wishes to Customers

SMS marketing is one of the best ways to send marketing communication to target customers, now people are turning to WhatsApp marketing but SMS marketing is still effective, the open rate of an SMS is more than 91%, and if a restaurant is using a customer engagement platform integrated with their restaurant POS can easily send personalised communication to customers even schedule at a suitable time.


Tips: Plan your Rakhi Campaign two weeks before. Send one 10 days before. People generally start planning before a week. Along with social media marketing promotion, use SMS marketing to inform your existing customers “Rakshabandhan special offer”.

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5. Create a festive-friendly environment

Food and service are important factors but do not neglect ambience, people should feel the festive vibes coming at your restaurant. Let them know what you are doing, and how well you are preparing.
Create a short ‘we are ready” video of decoration, and post it on social media. Don’t go for expensive decoration, it can be mind with beautiful colours and lights. As Rakshabandhan is the festival of brother-sisters, plan a suitable theme that can define their bond.

Create an environment Where customers feel comfortable spending their money by keeping everything clean and tidy at all times!

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