What is ChatGPT? Why people are talking about it – A Complete Guide

What is ChatGPT? Why people are talking about it – A Complete Guide

2023 is here with a new trend in the market. Everyone is so obsessed with this new tool called ChatGPT.

Yes, ChatGPT is the new AI bot in town, even if you’re not into artificial intelligence, you’d better pay attention.

The tool, from a power player in artificial intelligence called OpenAI, enables you to ask questions in natural language, to which the chatbot gives conversational, if somewhat tilted, answers. It’s like having a personal robot, always ready to offer a helping hand.

It’s a very big deal. The tool seems pretty knowledgeable in the areas where there is good training for it to learn from. It’s not smart enough to replace humans yet, but it can be creative and helpful in many ways. Interestingly, ChatGPT hit the one million user mark in just five days after its public launch in November 2022. Source

But its creator, OpenAI also warns that ChatGPT “may occasionally generate incorrect or misleading information,” so be careful.

Let’s talk about ChatGPT and what’s going on with it.

What Is ChatGPT?

To put it in simple words ChatGPT is a technology (just like other technologies) that we often called a “Machine Language”.You can ask it countless questions, and often you will get an answer that’s useful.

For example, you can use the tool as an encyclopedia and ask questions. For instance, “define Newton’s 2nd laws of motion” or “compose a song”. Additionally, you may ask the AI tool to design a computer program and demonstrate all the different combinations to arrange the letters of a word.

Engines like Chat-GPT are “trained” (programmed and reinforced) to mimic writing styles, avoid certain types of conversations, and learn from your questions. In other words, the more advanced models can refine answers as you ask more questions, and then store what it learned for others.

Who Built ChatGPT?

OpenAI a San Francisco Artificial Intelligence Lab released ChatGPT, a chatbot that answers questions in clear, concise prose. Its mission is to create an AI system that is safe and beneficial. The company has previously made headlines with GPT-3, which can produce text that sounds like it was written by a human, and DALL-E (a generative AI tool), which creates AI art/digital images from natural language descriptions. 

This type of AI promises to reinvent everything from online search engines like Google to photo and graphics editors like Photoshop to digital assistants like Alexa and Siri. Ultimately, it could provide a new way of interacting with almost any software, letting people chat with computers and other devices as if they were chatting with another person.

How does ChatGPT works?

For using ChatGPT, one creates an account using their email address from the  chat.openai.com web platform.

Just like other search engines, you ask a question and a Chatbot generates your answer which is organized in a thread and saved as a reference.

ChatGPT remembers all previous conversations and queries to have entered and makes a reference to them in subsequent answers to drive a point home. For instance, it will give a response like, “As I have said,…”

ChatGPT even develops codes that can be embedded in websites and can explain scientific concepts, write scenes for a play, academic papers, and write poems.

How ChatGPT can be useful for you?

1. Write and Debug code

ChatGPT features can be helpful for writing code. Whether you are a coder or just learning ask the AI chatbot to write the code if you are having trouble solving a particular issue. It will write the code if you tell him which coding language to use.

2. Create Content

ChatGPT helps you create content on a different topic than the one you are searching for. It can easily write content blessed on a prompt. Furthermore, ChatGPT can assist users in completing their writing style, which can attract more readers to your content.

3. Manage Data

Unstructured data is hard to sort, manage, and organize, making it redundant. ChatGPT comes to the rescue as it can convert unstructured data into a structured format by manipulating data. 

ChatGPT: Pros and Cons


1. Imitates Human Conversations:

ChatGPT core has provided a feature that is providing Humed-like- conversational based on user-placed queries and coding commands. Its main capability is that it can mimic real-life conversations because it is based on advanced supervised learning.

2. It is Versatile and Expansive:

The ChatGPT is versatile. It can write outputs similar to AI copywriters. Experiment shows that it can create content, compose music, and even helps in debugging codes.

3. Fine-Tuning:

One of the pros of ChatGPT is that its responses and overall performances are fine-tuned. It is working on large language models while also having room for further improvement with the enhancement through active training using supervised and enforcement learning.


1. Difficult to differentiate from human responses:

Along with good qualities there are several dangers of ChatGPT.It is difficult to differentiate whether the responses are generated by ChatGPT or it is written by Humans. This can be problematic, especially in cases where the models are used to create content for social media and other platforms, as it can lead to the spread of misconduct or misinformation.

2. Malicious Use:

Another danger of ChatGPT is that is has the potential to be used for malicious purposes. It could be used to generate spam emails or to spread harmful content. It is important for users of ChatGPT to e aware of these cons and be very alert while using it.

However, ChatGPt is a powerful tool that can have many benefits for businesses if it can be used with full smartness. It’s important to be aware of the potential dangers and try to minimize them. By using ChatGPT smartly, businesses can leverage its capabilities to improve communications and can create valuable content.

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