13 Simplest Yet Creative New Year Restaurant Promotion Ideas

13 Simplest Yet Creative New Year Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Updated on 1st December 2021

2021 is coming to a close, people surely started party planning to welcome New Year eve 2022.
Restaurants & Club owners are expecting high sales during the holiday season which is starting from Christmas on 25th December. And here in this blog, we are going to share helpful ideas that you can use to boost New Year Eve Sales. Don’t miss the End 🙂

This is the peak time to come above all the daily restaurant tasks like ordering, cooking and serving the same food and discover some creative promotion ideas to attract the new year’s crowd (that too easy to implement even at the last minute)

So, The holiday season is the best time to boost your sales by utilising unique new year restaurant promotion ideas that can be implemented with fewer efforts and prove fruitful for the business.

Simple Restaurant Promotional Ideas for the New Year

1. Hold Live Musical Night

You don’t need to arrange the party on a grand level if the budget doesn’t allow it, it takes a lot of effort and financial resources but live music is something that can run the musical scale from rock to classical piano or instrumental music, depending on your target customers.
People must be searching for the New Year events for 2021, it will be great if you add your name too! Plan and promote your new year event on social media.

2. Go with Catchy Party decoration

Eye-catching party decorations make people festive, the ideal time to decorate your restaurant for Christmas & New Year is to start before 10th December, so it can grab the attention of diners. People click pictures and share them on social media. This gradually enhances visibility when they tag you in location, don’t forget to reshare user-generated content.

3. Fixed a Space for kids

You can arrange a completely separate set for kids to enjoy. It often happens parents are busy taking care of their child and do not enjoy it completely, one thing you can do is make a side platform for kids offering fun and entertainment activities for kids. This way both parents and kids can enjoy the NEW YEAR Party.

4. Add New Year Special Combos in the Menu

Offering Combos in trend now, it is shown in the study that combos deal attract customers, The attractive prices that you offer as a combo will give the result of increased sales of multiple products at once.
Approaching a customer for infrequent products can be tough but can be easily achieved with combo offers.
And for that, you don’t need to create a completely different menu, instead of that use creative Restaurant chalkboard signs put it in outside the restaurant and start advertising.

5. Create a Hype on Social Media

Social Media has become the primary mode of advertisement on every special occasion, the Importance of social media marketing is equivalent to the restaurant as well.
Plan an NYE offer and start advertising on social media prior to 3 weeks, Be constant in the last 10 days, remind people and create a sense of urgency by offering a last-minute discount. You can also go with influencer marketing because this is high on-trend in recent times.

6. Double the promotion around Christmas

A study by Eventbrite, 56% of people decide on a new year’s party venue at the last minute so, Christmas is a good time to promote your restaurant’s for the new year.
Following are the points to be remembered –
1. Make a good flier and keep it in dine-in area.
2. Train your staff for word-of-mouth promotion.
3. Place a small creative banner at the counter.
4. Start aggressive promotion on social media when you are around christmas.

7. Promote via SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is one of the best ways to catch the attention of customers, however, you should have written a catchy new year promotion message for your restaurant.
Personalised marketing campaigns can go well, offer personalised vouchers to your loyal customers to make them feel special.

Hello Priya,
New Year is around the corner! Here’s your new year gift from “YOUR CAFE NAME”
Come and Collect your Rs. 250 Free vouchers Now!!
Use code – Priya250 to redeem the voucher.
Valid till 31 December 2019.

8. Use QR code technology

QR code technology in restaurants is mainly used to check menus & payments. But now is being used for customer engagement as well. Like via gamification methods you can gather customer database as well keep your existing customer engaged to boost repeat purchases.

Start Engaging your customers!

9. Leverage Your current customer database

According to the NRA, 30% of people prefer to dine at the restaurant they usually go to during a special occasion.
A special occasion like the new year, Christmas and other holiday seasons are the best way to get repeat customers.
A Repeat customer has 10X times worth than a new customer.

You can then offer a special new year discount and promote it through personalized SMS and emails and get assured that they choose to dine at your restaurant to celebrate the new year evening.

10. Encourage Referrals

Reward people to spread the word about your restaurant like your existing customer come with a new customer and the second one make a transaction, the first person will get a special voucher. Word-of-mouth marketing is magical, 91% of people trust recommendations from their close friends and families. A restaurant referral program helps with that.
Suppose – A is your regular customer, B is a good friend of A. Now if he will refer B to your outlet he will get a voucher for Rs.100 or something in free!.

11. Get Ready for the Evening!

It’s more or like tips for making the new year party a grand success.
Make sure you have complete stock for the evening coz moving out of liquor or food is not a choice. Double Check out your inventory, cutlery, dinnerware, glassware.
Trained your staff to handle workloads, improper management can cause a bad customer experience. checkout bathroom and cleaning supplies as well.

12. Encourage On the Spot Promotion

Sounds interesting right? People who are coming on NYE definitely going to upload pictures about their experience. Make a Personalised hashtag and approach them to use in each post they are sharing.
The smartest way to be in trend & to catch the attention of prospects. Perhaps for the next occasion, they recognise you on the top 🙂

13. GiveAways!

This is like an add-on, you can Gift a token of love to your Special customers, like Small goodies, sweets, with a new year card to make them feel unique.
Attach your restaurant contact number card with it. So that people can call and reserve the table for next time.

Conclusion- The secret of any kind of restaurant success is to first focus on the goals you want to get. Then, pick the action items that will help you achieve those goals. Use this list of restaurant promotion ideas for NYE to have a most prosperous new year. Cheers to 2020!

Thank you for your time 🙂
Hope you enjoyed the article, please don’t forget to share and give us a rating below.

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