7 Effective Instagram Marketing Tips for eCommerce

7 Effective Instagram Marketing Tips for eCommerce

As the trend for social media channels is increasing rapidly, and there are more relevant social media channels, Instagram is still the most popular platform among all the others.

Instagram is becoming the life and more famous with every passing day you might have noticed. It has become an inevitable part of the marketing strategy of every brand. It seems like an effective platform for E-commerce business owners that offers a lot of potential and effort for marketing

Did you know? Instagram is beating Facebook and Twitter with around 1 million active users worldwide.

However, Instagram marketing is a way-to-go platform in 2023. All you need to do is employ excellent Instagram Marketing tips for eCommerce that will allow you to scale the product significantly.

After Facebook has purchased Instagram in 2012, it has come a long way. At that time, this photo-sharing app has 50 million active users per month but now, according to Statistics, it has crossed a whopping billion active users per month.

As a business owner, it’s essential to draw on the same channel where your potential customers and clients are already actively engaged. Here we are sharing the best Instagram Marketing tips for eCommerce that gonna definitely help to build your marketing strategy.

Here is the list of strategies:

1. Show Your Products In Action

Giving customers the best experience of using the product will frequently increase sales. It’s good to use high-quality content and images of your products on Instagram, as that will grab attention, but you need to do more and more.

To make an impressive impact on Instagram marketing, you need to “show how your products run” instead of just telling people how great it is. In short, you have to advertise your product.

According to research, It has 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook

For example, A skincare brand can share posts on skincare products like sunscreen, moisturizers, Face serums, etc

The brand can go as far as expressing the perfect occasion to enjoy with. It’s one of the effective approaches to connecting better with the audience. It’s well-illustrated below: 

Posting pictures and videos on Instagram or running paid ads can maximize conversion rates through relatable experiences.

2. Make sure to create a Business Account

If you want to run a successful business on Instagram, but you have a private account, it is a Big NO! A business account has lots of benefits that a private account won’t have. You can easily switch it to a business account and access features like Instagram Insights, Instagram Ads, Instagram shopping also two messaging inboxes namely primary and secondary. As a marketer, you should create the best e-commerce Instagram account

Make sure to complete your profile:
Add Bio including keywords related to business.
Contact details & Website.
A Clear logo as a profile picture that reflects brand identity.


3. Build Trust With User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC) is a very powerful tool for marketing on Instagram and other social media channels. 

Content from your customers can be one of the best online service resources you can share with others.

According to Instagram Ecommerce Statistics:

About 50% of consumers don’t trust what brands and product managers say about their products. But they can buy a product based on the experiences of others.

It makes logical sense. Although, if consumers share positive experiences on Instagram and other social media apps, it’s a sign that the product truly helped them. And vice versa.

Always remember to create a branded and popular hashtag, they can use when posting the content. This helps you keep track of the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing business.

When customers buy from you several times and remain loyal to your brand, they trust you are satisfied with the experience. 

This sort of satisfaction is what popular Shopify and 3dcart  E-Commerce platforms deliver. 

You have to celebrate your customers. Whatever content they share with you is living social proof for new customers to enjoy, especially customers who still have some doubts about your products.

If you appreciate your customers as you claimed, then show it by reposting it and tagging them with your account.

4. Start Scheduling your Content

This is a new feature by Instagram, In which without wasting time logging in to Instagram every time, you can schedule a month’s content in advance. You can use the tool Meta Business Suite or directly from Instagram. This can help you fill your feed with high-quality content at regular periods and keep your target audience hooked at all times.


5. Ask For Honest Reviews From Instagram Influencers

Customers aren’t looking for positive reviews; they crave honest reviews. It can be positive or negative, it all depends on the honest consumer for better results.

72% of users will read online reviews first before buying a product. That’s how serious it can be.

An Instagram User regularly underwrites products she’s used. But before that, she posts honest reviews about her experiences using those beauty products.

An Ecommerce Influencer on Instagram usually posts (with photos) and videos of her results while/after using the product and shares honest information about whether or not the results are in tune with the product claim.

Posting the photos of the product helps the brand to get more sales, and it boosts the influencer’s credibility as well. Influencer marketing is still on top when it comes to implementing result-oriented effective Instagram Marketing tips for eCommerce,

6. Hashtags Save Time

Hashtags on Instagram are very effective and powerful. You can have up to 20+ hashtags on each post. They allow your content and product to be visible to a wider audience. It helps in attracting new potential customers. To save time, do relevant hashtag research. Once done, create and save a list of hashtags you want to use.

You should always keep the user experience in your mind, for your Instagram Hashtag strategy. Targeting new customers on Instagram requires patience and but it certainly pays off. Search hashtags that are relevant and effective to your products so that you can connect with customers who have similar interests.

The latest Instagram statistics show that an average Instagram post contains as many as 20+ Hashtags

7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded, if you frequently post product shots, quotes, lifestyle images, or reels, generate a list of relevant hashtags for each. Also, add a few productive hashtags to each post at the time of posting.

7. Keep Posting Stories and reels

Instagram stories are the best section as around 400 million users use Instagram stories daily and they like to watch other people’s stories too. With the help of stories, you can encourage your audience to particles in various games, and quizzes, you can create a poll, or you can have a question-answer round, which you can use to tell the followers about a new product that would be launched on the page.

Instagram Reels can be an effective tool for promoting an e-commerce business. Reels is a feature within the Instagram app that allows users to create and share short, entertaining videos. Instagram Reels can be a great way to build brand awareness and showcase your brand’s personality. Use Reels to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business, or to show your team at work.

Social media users, in general, love stories that connect with them, Tagging and mentioning them with pictures. So, you need to tell a story through your Instagram posts using photos, videos, animated gifs, reels, and other forms of content. This will show your products in a much more productive way.


So here you have it! The best marketing strategies for Instagram. The beauty of any marketing strategy is based on the content and other effective tips we have discussed above in this blog.

Remember that social media sites, especially Instagram, influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. 

Now is the best time to start using Instagram as your eCommerce business. You just need to know when to post and what type of posts to share on Instagram how to schedule the post timing and all.

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