How Bingage – An AI-driven Restaurant Marketing Software Works?

How Bingage – An AI-driven Restaurant Marketing Software Works?

Let us start with the introduction part, Bingage is an AI-enabled marketing suite for restaurants helps to retain customer and run ROI based Personalised Campaigns.

Now, you must be thinking how? and why there is a need to run “Personalised marketing campaigns in restaurants? Don’t worry will solve all of your doubt.

It’s tough for restaurateurs to manage every aspect of the business such as employees, service, marketing, finance and much more. They aren’t so-called tech gurus or superheroes, Right? They too need to prioritise on tasks to thrive with the competition. And if managing the routine line is such a difficult task, the customer management apparently gets tougher. That’s why we created BINGAGE

We recognised, The restaurant industry is growing tremendously but 60% of restaurants failed within a year or two years of opening.

Can you guess what’s the reason behind it?

Let me tell you, becoming a successful restaurant owner is not a piece of cake specially for the new age restaurant owners where competition is on high.

Time has gone where you used to record customer data on paper format register or excel sheets, now time changed.
You have to be with the trends in order to grow rapidly. Now Restaurant managers/ owners like you are using marketing automation software for restaurants to automate the entire operational and managerial activities and that is time-saving too.

Cloud-based or I can say that AI-enabled restaurant management software & CRM is highly on-demand today because of the features and benefits.

A report by Economic Times ” The Overall CRM software market in India stands at $462.7 million, with an annual growth rate of 20.5%, according to Gartner. Comparatively, the global market is pegged at $42.1 billion, with a growth of 15.5%.

Bingage is especially for the restaurant owners who are seriously looking a complete restaurant management software for the business and that too with less price as compared to the big market players.

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YES, Our bingage is already helping 700+ Restaurants including Koffee king, Chai Kapi and many more well-established brands in retaining their existing customers and sending interested-based SMS campaigns.

Why you should go for Bingage?

Well, that’s a nice question, let me tell you we at bingage focus on our client’s business growth, we not only help our clients to win back their customer but assist them time to time regarding creative activities and marketing strategies.

Isn’t it interesting? I know you’re still confusing how does it work?

No worry, we are coming with that part too…

How bingage- An AI-Enabled Marketing Software works?

Before proceeding ahead, I wanna ask a few questions to you…

Do you really know about your customers?
How many customers do you gain or lost each month?
and if customers are leaving your restaurant, what’s the reason behind it?
Do you have exact numbers?

I’m sure most of the restaurant owners don’t pay attention to this. But technologies become so fast today, businesses using automation tools to reduce their marketing efforts and increase ROI. The role of technology in restaurant management is significant.

Let’s discuss how bingage is helpful for your business to increase customer retention and business ROI

1. Increase Customer Retention

Bingage allows our restaurant partners with segregation of customers on the basis of their preferences, like a particular customer average visit, he likes, dislikes and many more.

Bingage is helping restaurants retaining customer retention and business growth
Customer Retention in Restaurants

Yes, now you’re thinking what’s the benefit of this?

The benefit of customer segmentation allows a business with restaurant target marketing which is highly beneficial and result oriented.

You must be thinking why target marketing?

Target marketing is the tried and tested marketing approach using almost every kind of business industries. Where customer’s behavioural data is used to create content that feels on “personal level”

2. Target the right customer at the right time with the right campaign

Target marketing or personalised restaurant marketing is about reaching consumers with individually customised content, rather than using the same marketing content to each and every one.

target marketing in restaurants
Source –

According to a study “ personalised SMS Text campaign is 48% more effective than bulk SMS Text campaign”

Why? Because it makes a person feel at an individual level.

Like this,

Hey John, Today’s best offer for you.
Order 300 or more and get 10% discount at browny Cafe.

So see, this is how personalised message looks like. Always starts by the first name of the recipient, and a study says Using a customer’s name is important because it establishes a personal relationship with them. It makes them feel important and valued.

3. Allows user to give cashback as a purchasing Rewards

Restaurant loyalty program always considers with point-based loyalty programs but the point system is so outdated now. With Bingage, we enable creating a personal digital wallet of customers just like paytm and goibibo do.
And make customer receive attractive cashback in their personal wallet.

4. Helps users to get real-time feedback

It’s important to take Customer feedback in Restaurant in order to improve and to know about the customer perception. See, if the customer had a bad experience so As soon a customer put some issue on the other platform, with bingage you can track it and solve it immediately.
It will help the business to maintain customer service and equally in customer relationship management.

5. Make new customers through Restaurant Referral Program

Overcoming the barriers for restaurant owners, we are giving them chances to invite referrals from loyal customers and that too without having an app or website.

Marketing automation solutions are effective to get the desired results when it comes to improving customer retention, upsell and personalised marketing but it’s a bit expensive and limited with tech giants and most of the restaurant owners are not so much technical friendly…

Where Bingage performs remarkably in all the areas it promises with affordability. The main motto is to provide an easy solution for the restaurant owner to retain their customers and automate their marketing efforts.

Hey Are you still Confuse about anything with Bingage, you can Ask for a free demo here.

See our Incredible journey at Bingage

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