How Bingage Helps Restaurants Boost Customer Retention and Business ROI?

How Bingage Helps Restaurants Boost Customer Retention and Business ROI?

To be a Restaurant Owner is not an easy task. There are so many things and responsibilities you have to manage simultaneously. We know it’s tough to manage every single aspect like marketing, staff, services, finances, etc.

If you are running a restaurant or any business the main job is to engage with the customers for the growth of the restaurant.

As a business owner, you might be looking for a business generation tool.

A tool that is user-friendly and doesn’t need any technical knowledge to run it.

As we know, nowadays people are running after technology trends, so as a restaurant owner, it’s on you to follow these restaurant trends for your restaurant business.

One thing restaurant owner need to understand that they need to prioritise on tasks to thrive with the competition. And if managing the routine line is such a difficult task, the customer management and customer engagement apparently gets tougher. That’s the main reason we created BINGAGE

In this blog we will discuss all the services Bingage provides Restaurant owners to boost customer retention and Business ROI

What is Bingage?

Bingage is an all-in-one CRM solution for Restaurants. It helps the restaurant to boost customer retention, engagement, and customer loyalty by providing various User-friendly services.

Collect Customer Data, Customer feedback, Run affective marketing automation campaigns by using Bingage Restaurant CRM software 

AI-powered complete crm software for restaurant and cafes - bingage

1. Customer Segmentation & Data Analytics

Customer Segmentation is a process by which you can divide your customers based on their behavior so that you can market them more effectively.

Bingage helps to divide your customers into different segments like Lost Customer, VIP customers, Customers coming occasionally  based on their ordering habits, behaviour and visiting details by using advanced data analytics based on Artificial Intelligence.Creat targeted marketing campaigns in each segments in order to create engagement and loyalty.

For Instance:

  1. You can analysis your customers who have not visited your place since last 60 days, 40 days.
  2. You can identify your regular customers, VIP customers or Lost customers easily.
  3. You can send targeted message to your lost customers, Regular customer or VIP customers for creating engagement.

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Customer segmentation is important because it helps you market and sell more effectively. This is because you can develop a better understanding of your customers’ needs and desires.

2. Personalized Marketing

Personalization is a one-on-one marketing strategy that seeks to better understand and connect with customers. It uses real-time data and insights to send relevant messages and offers according to the visiting status of the customer.

Sending personal messages and offers is most likely my the customers.

Bingage helps restaurants to send targeted messages or personalized message according to the ordering and visiting behaviour of the customer.It helps to send messages to customers who have not visiting your palace from last 30 days or more.Or sending persalized birthday greeting to your VIP or Regular customers.

According to a study Personalized marketing is 48% more effective than bulk SMS Text campaign.

So see, this is how personalised message looks like. Always starts by the first name of the recipient, and a study says Using a customer’s name is important because it establishes a personal relationship with them. It makes them feel important and valued.

3. Cashback Reward Program

In customer loyalty reward program there are many more reward like point-based reward, contest reward program but these program are outdated nowadays.

The cashback reward program is a very effective yet popular formula to gain attraction from the customers.With every order or purchase a customer makes, they are rewarded with a small amount of cashback.

Cashback rewards are popular because it is done instantly and customers get more impressed and it leds to repeat visit of the customer.

Bingage provides a cashback reward program which leads to a positive impact on customers as cashback rewards are mostly liked by the customers.

4. Send Auto greetings to customers

If you want to impress your customers, the best way is to send automated greetings in every occasion, birthdays etc.But keeping in mind every customer’s special days or birthdays are quite impossible.

Bingage helps to send auto greetings to customers it set alerts to send greetings in every special day like birthdays and anniversaries.Also generate different offers on these special days.This is the best way to reach your customers and earn customer engagement and loyalty.

According to a study, 85% of people are more engaged with the restaurants that send auto greetings in their special days.

This is the best method to convert your existing customers into your loyal one.

5. Digital Feedback system

In the Restaurant business, Customer feedback is an essential tool for improving customer satisfaction. According to a search, 93% of customers find that customer service is necessary when deciding whether to visit a restaurant or not.

Restaurant customer feedback not only helps you understand your customer opinion but also helps you drive your marketing strategy in a better way. You can post the most interesting feedback from your customer to social media accounts and impress your audience and stay ahead in the game.

However, Bingage provide digital feedback system for restaurants that helps restaurant owners to collect all the negative and positive feedback feedback from customers..It also provide a immediate alert sms if your customer has given you a negative feedback so that you can work on it and make it correct.

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6. Restaurant Referral Program

Referral is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies: using your current customers to spread the word about your brand to new customers.

Overcoming the barriers for restaurant owners, we are giving them chances to invite referrals from loyal customers and that too without having an app or website.

How it works?

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7. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation solutions are effective to get the desired results when it comes to improving customer retention, upsell and personalised marketing but it’s a bit expensive and limited with tech giants and most of the restaurant owners are not so much technical friendly.

Where Bingage performs remarkably in all the areas it promises with affordability. The main motto is to provide an easy solution for the restaurant owner to retain their customers and automate their marketing efforts.

Want to see how Bingage can help to boost customer retention & grow your business?

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