How Bingage Helps Restaurants Boost Customer Retention and Business ROI?

How Bingage Helps Restaurants Boost Customer Retention and Business ROI?

Are you a restaurant/cafe/bar/Cloud kitchen owner?
Are you looking for a business generation tool? (To boost the sales of course)
A business generation tool that is simple to use even if you not a tech-savvy person?

We know that It’s tough for restaurant owners to manage every aspect of the business such as employees, service, marketing, finance and much more. People from the restaurant industry are generally not aware of the technology trends, most of them are still relaying on traditional method of billing and data entry that doesn’t provide accurate customer data analytics thus not helpful with business decision making and marketing planning.

Hence, Using technology for business is the need of the hour!

The main problem of Restaurant industry people is they overlooked automation that creates burden. One thing restaurant owner need to understand that they need to prioritise on tasks to thrive with the competition. And if managing the routine line is such a difficult task, the customer management and customer engagement apparently gets tougher. That’s why we created BINGAGE

In this article we will explain you all about Bingage and it’s features :

What is Bingage?

Bingage is a simple & easy to access CRM solution for Restaurant. In an easy langauge we can say that it’s an all-in-one 360-degree marketing software helping 1000+ restaurant owner to boost customer retention, engagement and overall business growth.
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Collect Customer Data &  Run Effective Marketing Campaigns with Bingage Restaurant CRM Software.

AI-powered complete crm software for restaurant and cafes - bingage

1. Customer Segmentation & Data Analytics

Bingage allows to Segment your customer data based on their ordering habits and details using smart data analytics based on Artificial intelligence. Create targeted campaigns for each segment in order to drive the maximum customer engagement.

For example – One can actually identity customers who haven’t visited since 60 days, 30 days.
2. Customers who are spending less than average billing amount.
3. Identify your regular customers, VIP customers & lost customers.

How it works? Take a FREE DEMO.

Customer segmentation helps with planning personalised based marketing which increase customer retention. Because if you are targeting the right customer with the right marketing campaign customer will defiantly turn back!

Retention of existing customer is important coz Repeat customer is 7 times more valuable than a new one!

2. Personalised Marketing

Target marketing is the tried and tested marketing approach using almost every kind of business industries. Where customer’s behavioural data is used to create content that feels on “personal level”

Create personalized offers based on their ordering habits and send custom SMSs to your regulars. Target marketing or personalised restaurant marketing is about reaching consumers with individually customised content, rather than using the same marketing content to each and every one. Know More…

According to a study “ personalised SMS Text campaign is 48% more effective than bulk SMS Text campaign”

So see, this is how personalised message looks like. Always starts by the first name of the recipient, and a study says Using a customer’s name is important because it establishes a personal relationship with them. It makes them feel important and valued.

3. Cashback Loyalty Program

Restaurant loyalty program always considers with point-based loyalty programs but the point system is so outdated now. Cashback loyalty program provides more value than point-based loyalty because customer often get confused regarding the point system , give cashback as a loyalty to customer on their each transactions and increase customer lifetime value.
How Cashback works in restaurant? Take a FREE DEMO.

4. Send Auto-Greetings

It’s difficult to remember special days to your each and every customers right? Now with Bingage, Set alerts to send greetings messages to customers on their special occasions such as Birthdays and Anniversaries. Generate custom offers for their special day. There is marketing automation features which automatically send birthday and anniversary messages to customers which increase birthday parties as well as establish customer relationship.
How it works? Take a FREE DEMO.

5. Real-time Feedback System

It’s important to take Customer feedback in Restaurant in order to improve and to know about the customer perception. See, if the customer had a bad experience so As soon a customer put some issue on the other platform, with bingage you can track it and solve it immediately.
It will help the business to maintain customer service and equally in customer relationship management.
How it works? Take a FREE DEMO.

6. Restaurant Referral Program

Overcoming the barriers for restaurant owners, we are giving them chances to invite referrals from loyal customers and that too without having an app or website.
How it works? Take a FREE DEMO.

7. Complete Marketing Automation

Marketing automation solutions are effective to get the desired results when it comes to improving customer retention, upsell and personalised marketing but it’s a bit expensive and limited with tech giants and most of the restaurant owners are not so much technical friendly.

Where Bingage performs remarkably in all the areas it promises with affordability. The main motto is to provide an easy solution for the restaurant owner to retain their customers and automate their marketing efforts.

Want to see how Bingage can help to boost customer retention & grow your business?

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