How to Give Delightful Customer Service at Restaurant (Make More Happy Customers)

How to Give Delightful Customer Service at Restaurant (Make More Happy Customers)

It’s no secret that the customer experience is one of the most important parts of running a restaurant. If you don’t have happy customers, they won’t come back! And if they don’t come back, then you’re not making money. It’s pretty simple math.

A common complaint among restaurant owners is that customers don’t feel like they’re getting enough attention, They want to be able to get the service they need without having to wait in line, or being seated and then forgotten about for long periods of time. There is a gap between customers and business. The problem is there are lacking in customer engagement. Creating a brand identity and strong engagement with customers in important.

The solution is simple: Use a restaurant crm by day first that allows you to keep track of your customers’ buying behaviour, so you can make sure they’re taken care of quickly and efficiently. You can also keep track of their past orders, so they don’t have to go up and ask every time they want another sip.

7 Brilliant Ways to Increase Customer Experience in your Restaurant

1. Choose Personalised marketing (Instead of Bulk SMS)

SMS marketing is one of the best restaurant marketing strategies to reach out to more customers, and retain them. With CRM for the restaurant, it is easy to automate SMS marketing.

Text marketing trends say “72% of consumers say they now only engage with marketing messages that are personalized and tailored to their interests”.

That is why personalised SMS marketing is more important where businesses send SMS campaigns based on customer behaviour.
How does it work? You can read about personalised SMS marketing here.

Here are examples of the SMS and emails you can send your customers to keep them hooked to your restaurant. Bingage helps you to send automated SMS campaigns to customers.

1. By sending the “Hey We are missing you” SMS that is set to send when your customer hasn’t dined at your restaurant for a while.

2. SMS sends to customers that fall into the special categories like lost customers, less spending customers or VIP customers. To treat them differently.

3. SMS following the dining experience that invites them to rate the meal they enjoyed for a discount or coupon they can apply to their next meal.

4. SMS that encourage your existing customers to refer your restaurant to their family & friends.

Start Sending Personalised Campaigns to customers:

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2. Use Marketing Automation Tool for Auto-greetings & Upselling

Marketing Automation is a Need of the hour! 

Restaurant marketing automation is a tactic that allows restaurants to nurture potential customers. Using highly personalized, relevant content helps convert these prospects into loyal customers using new technology & marketing automation platforms.  

According to the prediction of Forrester, Business spending for Marketing Automation tools will grow from $11.4 billion in 2017 to reach $25.1 billion annually by 2023! (Source)

These platforms then make decisions based on a series of predetermined actions taken by the customer.

This enables communicating with the customer at the individual level and marketing messages to each customer, giving them exactly what they want at the right time. 

Here is how you can use restaurant marketing automation to boost your business – 

1. Increasing sales through personalised SMS Campaigns

2. Increasing repeat customer visits through automated Loyalty Programs.

3. Reaching out to new customers through SMS and email campaigns

4. Creating brand awareness and customer engagement through automated social media marketing.

By using an AI-Enabled restaurant marketing automation system You will be faster, more efficient and increase customer’s lifetime value, enabling you to get detailed insights about your customer behaviour and preferences. 

You will be able to create smart restaurant marketing strategies to increase your customer engagement and ultimately increase sales. 

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3. Get to Know about your customers: Then Plan Offerings

Why there is a need to identify customers? And how it affects sales? 

Because not every customer behaves similarly. Each customer has different behaviour, likes, dislikes, spending capacity and much more. If you can offer what customer wants, it becomes easy to increase the number of visits and repetition that positively affect sales.

Customer Segmentation helps with identifying the type of customer then you can run target marketing campaigns.

Find the best CRM for the restaurant Which can help you with customer segmentation. 

Bingage helps you segment your lost customers, fewer spenders, VIP or regular customers and so on. 


4. Create Brand Advocates: Increase Referrals

Restaurant referral marketing is the best way to attract new customers. The referral program is the ultimate way to increase sales by getting new customers via existing customers. 

Bingage is helping restaurants with its easy referral program feature which run without downloading any application or website.


5. Don’t forget to Collect Customer Feedback

Customer feedback helps in building future important decisions. Genuine customer feedback tells you about how you are going and where you are lacking. AI-based CRM software can help you in a better way, you can create a customer feedback form and start collecting feedback. 

Read: Why collecting feedback is important for a restaurant? 

Also, Read Benefits of Collecting Customer Feedback! 

Restaurants have a great opportunity to build an expansive SMS list by asking for their contact details by asking feedback. 

Customer feedback is a prominent source for collecting tangible data that is useful in taking important business decisions.

6. Offer Customer experience at the Individual level 

Bulk SMS is outdated now! 

This is an era of personalisation. People need a customised experiences from shopping to dine-in. 

Personalised SMS marketing means treating the right customer with the right offer. 

For example – 

Customers who haven’t come since 60 days needs a better discount which can attract them to come. 

On the other side, customers who are interacting and spending quite well don’t need a high discount they need VIP kind of treatment.

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7. Use Latest Restaurant Technology 

We are in 2020, and COVID taught us the importance of technology quite well.  

Many restaurant owners fail because they denied adopting technical changes. Smart problems need a smart solution. 

Artificial intelligent based technology such as AI-based CRM for restaurants, POS & contactless technologies helps restaurant owner with the better operation and smart management. 

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