How COVID-19 Will Change Consumer Eating Out Habits?

How COVID-19 Will Change Consumer Eating Out Habits?

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COVID-19 is attacking all industries, This is a difficult time for every business, especially for the restaurant and food business. 

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Due to Coronavirus pandemic, people turned conscious in many ways which likely to impacts the way they eat and dining out behaviour.

The coronavirus crisis is urging all consumers to embrace new habits surrounding dining at restaurants and eating in general.
Post lockdown, The possible changes in eating habits of people might have long-lasting outcomes for restaurants. And Restaurant owners should be prepared for this and find out effective measures to retain customers after Corona. But first need to find out the possible changes, here is we are sharing few expected changed as per the recent study and research.

1. Social Dining trend may be affected in future –

After COVID-19 Pandemic, social distancing will become the new trend in future, although, dining and eating together are not entirely going to disappear yet people will surely re-think before planning social dining. 

Social dining means sharing tables in the restaurant with the number of peoples attempt to create a bond between peoples over food and drink. After this quarantine, the trend of social dining is likely to diminish in the forthcoming days. 

2. Cleaner food will be preferred over cheaper –

The especially price-sensitive consumers may eventually turn mindful of quality ingredients grown in safe and sustainable ways, cooked by well-trained staff and served in hygienic conditions. This means the cost of food in a restaurant may go up, and restaurants may find it harder to compete on price alone. 

Many restaurants may shut as people tighten their belts, reduce discretionary spend and cut down on the frequency of eating out. However, when they do eat out, they may eat at a quality restaurant.

3. Premium delivery demand will be raised – 

Now the customer will trust quality over quantity, online food delivery concept will be on the peak after the outbreak. dark kitchen concept will be the new trend in the market and a good opportunity for a restaurant owner to enter the new market. 

Consumers were already preferring value-for-money meals with positive “experiences” in delivered food now after the coronavirus outbreak this is the best time for restaurateurs to make their brand trustable by adopting adequate health and safety of consumers.

According to Yelp, the demand for delivery has risen 135 times with coronavirus, but this will be strengthened by food safety concerns and the recreation of security in place orders.

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4. There will be a higher focus on eating local

Post lockdown, there will be intensified awareness around food safety and hunger for more nutritious food will also increase demand for eating local. 

And when we talk about the supply side, the delay of global supply chains due to COVID-19 will impact foreign food production and decrease imports. 

5. There will be less demand for exotic food

People who like exotic foods like meat and all might be stopped or less-interested for it. As we all know that the meat market in China is the presumable origin of the virus that is why there will be less demand for meat, seafood and any other exotic meat. 

6. There will be more focus on Food Safety and freshness 

People Health and food hygiene were also important before the pandemic but after the coronavirus outbreak, it becomes a must. 

If restaurant owners want to win the trust of consumers, they will have to ensure the safety and security of food and make sure that it is getting delivered rightly. 

It is important to win the trust and confidence of customers.

Conclusion – 

No doubt there will be various changes after this pandemic, Restaurant Business owners will have to make a mindful attempt to meet the needs of the new pandemic mindset of customers. You might be in lose until you offer meals that cover merest human touchpoints.


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