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How to Tie-up a Restaurant with Swiggy? A Complete Guide to Required Documentation.

how to tie up with swiggy

There’s no doubt that online food ordering platforms like Zomato and Swiggy have become the primary choice of customers looking to order food online. In this case, joining with these platforms and online food delivery services becomes very important for business growth.

This is a digital era and everyone is using internet technology for their comfort. People are turning towards food delivery apps to explore restaurants and food.

Now the question is how one can join with their services? One of the executives from online ordering company’s team talked with The Restaurant Times and said that on average, online ordering is generating about 70% of orders for all restaurants. That means the number of people who order food online is immense.

online food delivery
Source – ET Prime Research

Competition is higher among restaurants, in this situation one can’t let out a single option to generate more revenue, food ordering platform are one of those opportunities to grab more and more customers.

Both Zomato and Swiggy has a large number of user all around the world. They provide business to a restaurant in non-peak hours too. Restaurant with online delivery services generates a higher revenue than restaurants who do not.

How to tie up with Swiggy?

Now we are explaining the Process involved to get register with Swiggy so let’s get started –

Steps to register on Swiggy

Before you start the registration process, first you should have a permanent address for your restaurant with all the required legal documents to support it.

Step 1 – Visit Swiggy.com. click on the ‘Partner with Us’ on the footer. and fill your basic details

Search Swiggy on google, go to the website, on the footer side you will see an option “partnering with us”. Tab and fill the required basic information.

how to tie-up with swiggy

Step 2 – Fill in your basic details

1.Restaurant name

2. ZIP


4. Designation

5. Phone Number

6. Email

how to tie-up with swiggy

Step 3 – Click on Submit to process your application ahead

Process your application by clicking on the submit button. It will open a new box that needs more information to proceed with your application. As shown on the below image – they will ask whether you want to add more details online or not.
if you click on YES then a new box will appear (See the second image) if you click on NO then you will get a message Saying“thank you for details our executive will reach you soon”

how to tie-up with swiggy

Step 4 – Submit documents

Now on the next step, you have to show legal document so keep a hard copy of required documents ready with you.

Documents required for Swiggy registrations are –

1.Document portraying FSSAI registration.

2. Partnership PAN Card.

3. A cancelled cheque for Swiggy restaurant registration.

4.A copy of GST Registration and the tax details.

5. Details of the proprietors.

Once you have done with all these details, one of their officials will reach you for further process and partnership agreement.

It will take 2 or 3 weeks to complete the process, you will get a notification after completion of the registration process.

Advantages of partnering your restaurant with Swiggy –

1.Bring huge customer Traffic –

These leading online food order aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato bring a lot of traffic on their platform and give huge revenue to Restaurant. With a better discount and offers, people like to order food online to save money that directly impacts restaurant business growth. Their customer loyalty program also boosts engagement.

2. Marketing

Those age-old days are gone when restaurants used to distribute flyers in newspapers offering free delivery now this the time of marketing automation. Online food delivery apps itself are doing promotion of restaurant that is much beneficial especially for the new one.

3. No need to worry about delivery

Managing deliveries is always a wearisome task. Taking orders from customers directly is also hassle. Swiggy and Zomato do that for you. The core objective of these leading food aggregators is to deliver orders timely and providing excellent order tracking.  That enables the tracking of online reviews by customers so that one can take a suitable decision.

4. Commission based: No loss to the restaurants

Commission based services, no need to face any kind of lose. The restaurant pays pre-decided commission for each order. You can go through swiggy commission rate and read all the terms and condition before applying.

Conclusion –

In this article, we have conferred essential guide to tying up with Swiggy. Additionally, we have also given the advantages of registering your restaurant with Swiggy.

Having a presence on Online Ordering Platform is now prominent not to establish your restaurant as a brand but to reduce your efforts and dependency on third parties.

Hope you like the article 🙂

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