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Introduction In the Restaurant business, Customer feedback is an essential tool for improving customer satisfaction. According to a search, 93% of [...]
2023 is here with a new trend in the market. Everyone is so obsessed with this new tool called ChatGPT. Yes, ChatGPT is the new AI bot in town, ev [...]
McDonald’s has been serving burgers and beverages for roughly three-quarters of a century. Do you remember when Quarter Pounder was new? Maybe not [...]
Customer reward programs in marketing are point-based loyalty programs that offer discounts and other incentives (gift cards, vouchers, coupons, [...]
The purpose of this Blog is to give you a quick and easy way to market your restaurant with WhatsApp. Do you want to start WhatsApp marketing in your [...]
Diwali is around the corner!!! People enjoy this festival with family members and friends, sharing gifts and sweets. But apart from socializing and m [...]
You know how it goes when you're in the restaurant business. It's a tough industry, and it can be a struggle to keep your doors open, increase custom [...]
Point of sale is the lifeblood of any restaurant. It's the system that tracks your patrons' purchases, manages inventory, and keeps tabs on what's se [...]
Can a Food Referral program really boost Business Sales?Well, it can make or break both...although, there are several benefits of a referral program [...]
Hello! You are here, so most probably you want to open a restaurant or you're already running one or perhaps you are looking for a guide to know more [...]
Looking for ideas to create posts for social media on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan?We have collected a few engaging ideas from different brands, Fe [...]
It's that time of year again: Rakhi Festival! Rakshabandhan is all about family and friendship. People come together to celebrate the festival of [...]
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