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Meet These 5 Earth Heroes from India Working Hard to Save Our Planet

We are extremely busy with our daily routine that we do not even notice that we are living on the limited resources on the earth. We sometimes come across with people working for the environment and earth, not for any interest, but for the sake of people, because they feel a sense of responsibility towards society and nature. There are…


how to tie up with swiggy
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How to Tie-up a Restaurant with Swiggy? A Complete Guide to Required Documentation.

There’s no doubt that online food ordering platforms like Zomato and Swiggy have become the primary choice of customers looking to order food online. In this case, joining with these platforms and online food delivery services becomes very important for business growth. This is a digital era and everyone is using internet technology for their comfort. People are turning towards…


social media marketing for restaurants 2019

Restaurant Social Media Marketing – Top 10 Ideas (with examples)

Running a restaurant business is a bit challenging but rewarding profession. Apart from the daily task, one needs to put extra efforts on marketing and promotions. We are living in a digital era thus social media marketing is an unavoidable part of running a modern business. Social media for small business tend to capture the audience and keep them engaged…


how to run a successful restaurant business

10 Key Factors to Run a Successful Restaurant Business

New restaurants are coming up every day, from food truck business to fine dining to cafes and to theme-based restaurants, options are uncountable. Running your own business is sounds great but it’s not a piece of cake for everyone. Selecting a good location can’t alone give a guarantee of success. There are several factors to consider before opening a restaurant,…


mother's day restaurant promotion ideas
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7 Mother’s day Restaurant Promotion Ideas for 2019

As per the study, 87 million people will dine at a restaurant on this mother’s day. This is the best opportunity for the f&B industry to choose the best mother’s day restaurant promotion ideas in order to grab the customers. Mother’s day dining statistics – According to the National Restaurant Association, 47% of moms are saying that having a meal with…


restaurant pos systems and pos softwares
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Cloud-Based Restaurant POS- A Game Changer for the Industry

Cloud-based restaurant POS software means ditching the current system completely and doing the same traditional transaction with the use of desktop, tablets and mobile devices. A restaurant pos system helps to manage business operation efficiently including, billing, inventory management, cost management, kitchen display, KOTs etc. In this article, we will discuss – a) What is the Restaurant POS System? b)…


CRM Software for Restaurants, Loyalty Program, Marketing

How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews of Restaurant?

What is the factor that influences a diner’s decision-making process while searching for a restaurant? Several studies have examined that social media and online review impact on customer restaurant selection process and the following attributes are food quality, services, the atmosphere, and price. Did you know? 65% of negative reviews are posted on social media within 24 hours of a…


important restaurant menu design tips
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Restaurant Menu Designing: 5 Important things to consider

A restaurant knows what its customers want. This industry is kind of venture that needs to upgrades timely to cater to its customers and satisfy them completely. Restaurant marketing is complex, every single day one has to build powerful customer retention strategies to balance in the competition.Experts of the restaurant industry have views that offering a less complicated menu in…


importance of customer retention in restaurants
CRM Software for Restaurants, Marketing

The Importance of Customer Retention for a Restaurant

In past years, acquiring new customers, catching their attention & retaining them for the long-term has become more intricate. Now customers have plenty of options. Keep your customers entertained, one needs to adopt innovative customer retention strategies for restaurants to beat the competition. The value of retaining existing customers has never been more visible in the past years. One should…


Top women restaurant owner in india

Most Inspiring Women Restaurant Owners & Chefs in India

Women have been recognized to cook meals in the kitchens for their families since ancient time But in the kitchens generating business or restaurants usually, have been mostly governed by male restaurateurs & chefs only. There was a time where people consider that women are only for cooking at home that’s all. Now Breaking the stereotype, Women are showing their…