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In the fast-paced digital world, we live in today, running an e-commerce store on Shopify or any other platform requires careful attention to numerou [...]
Undoubtedly, social media is a powerful yet effective tool for e-commerce. In fact, it’s an easy, fast, efficient, and affordable way to reach your c [...]
Updated on 24th April 2023: Mother's day is coming and you must be looking for the best ideas to increase sales on the occasion of mother's day that [...]
Today shoppers trust reviews and recommendations before they trust a brand. They turn to their friends and seek out reviews before they even think of [...]
As the trend for social media channels is increasing rapidly, and there are more relevant social media channels, Instagram is still the most popular [...]
When you think about shopping or eating out, you might click on your favourite brand. Am I right? From shopping to eating to hanging out, people most [...]
Just a Thank you greeting isn’t the end of the customer journey.Its just a small start within it. Post-purchase emails have become a part of sales an [...]
No matter how successful is your bar or restaurant, you always have that curiosity to make more money. One of the easiest techniques to do this is th [...]
Introduction As we step into the new year 2023, Keeping an eye on the trends emerging in the restaurant industry is essential. Growing up with you [...]
Introduction In the Restaurant business, Customer feedback is an essential tool for improving customer satisfaction. According to a search, 93% of [...]
2023 is here with a new trend in the market. Everyone is so obsessed with this new tool called ChatGPT. Yes, ChatGPT is the new AI bot in town, ev [...]
McDonald’s has been serving burgers and beverages for roughly three-quarters of a century. Do you remember when Quarter Pounder was new? Maybe not [...]
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